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Item Code: CADET65201

Description:  CEC163TW 1600/1000W 240/120 Wall Heater

Cadet Com-Pak Energy Plus electric wall heater - multi-watt - multi volt - 1600 Watts at 240V - 1000 Watts at 120 Volts - Complete unit with wall can - heatbox and grill - Digital thermostat included.


Discontinued Item

Condition:  New in box



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Voltage: 120/240 Volt
Phase: 1 Phase
Wattage: 1000/1600 Watt
Applications: Room Heating
Color: White
Rough-In: 8"W x 10.25"H x 4"D
Manufacturer: Cadet
Included: Heater Assembly, Wall Can, Grille, Digital Thermostat

Features of Cadet CEC163TW 1600/1000W 240/120 Electric Wall Heater

The Cadet CEC Series Energy Plus Electric Wall Heater delivers more comfort and uses less energy than standard electric wall heaters. The heater features an innovative electronic proportional controller that varies the wattage and fan speed to provide comfortable heat along with saving energy.

Multi-Volt, Multi-Watt: Factory set at 240 Volt, easily switches to 120 or 208 with supplied key. Unique smart sensor takes guesswork out of installation by detecting your incoming power supply and displaying code if heater is not configured to match, without damaging the heater

Experience more comfort with precise, consistent temperature control and an auto adjusting fan speed that eliminates wide temperature swings and delivers quiet, comfortable heat

Easily updates old heaters: uses same wall can as many Cadet Com-Pak Series units, so no wall patchwork or additional wall board cut outs should be required

Fan only feature for circulating air only

Durable sealed element construction to quickly deliver heat and maximize product life

Onboard digital thermostat with simple to use push button controls, a large digital display, and no complicated programming

Night or Away button allows you to pre-set a setback temperature so you can adjust with just one touch

Maximum and minimum tamper proof settings

5 year warranty

Use up to 30% less energy and experience more comfort with precise, consistent temperature control. The Energy Plus heater uses an intelligent control and auto adjusting fan speed to maintain the desired temperature for your room within one degree, delivering only the heat you need for maximum efficiency and ultra-quiet performance.