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Item Code: DANFOSS088L1473

Description:  088L1473 PX-F/RX-C Cable 1000Ft 240V 5W

Danfoss 1000 Foot Spool - Black - 5 Watts Per Foot - 240 Volt Professional Grade Pipe Freeze Protection Cable or Roof and Gutter Heating Cable - Full Two Year Warranty


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Condition:  New in box



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Voltage: 240 Volt
Watt/Ft 5 W/Ft
Length: 1000 Feet
Applications: Commercial Roof and Gutter Deicing
Color: Black
Cable Type: Self Regulating
Manufacturer: Danfoss
Included: Heating Cable

Features of Danfoss 088L1473 PX-F/RX-C 240 Volt 5 W/Ft Heating Cable

The Danfoss RX-C Series Self-Regulating Electric Heating Cables are designed for Commercial Roof and Gutter Deicing applications. The cables will provide protection to prevent ice dams and ice build up on commercial building roofs, gutters, and down spouts.

The Self-Regulating Cable can be overlapped without creating hot spots or causing a burn out

The cable can be cut to length and spliced in the field which simplifies the installation process and reduces waste

Designed with a rugged 16AWG bus cable

UV Rated

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SST-2 Freeze Protection Thermostat
ETI (Environmental Technology Inc.) Automatic Freeze Protection Electric Thermostat. Up to 30Amp Heater Loads. On below 40F & off above 42F - 120V-277 VAC Single Phase U-L / CSA
088L0006 Cable to Power Lead Kit
Danfoss Power Connection Kit - Cable to Power Lead, Includes One End Seal for Roof and Gutter Heating Cable and Pipe Freeze Protection Cable
088L0008 Splice/Tee Kit
Danfoss - Includes One End Seal for Roof and Gutter Heating Cable and Pipe Freeze Protection Cable
088L0023 Cable to Box Kit
Danfoss Power Connection Kit - Cable to Box, Includes One End Seal for Roof and Gutter Heating Cable and Pipe Freeze Protection Cable
088L0024 RX Roof Clip Type A 25pc. Bag
Roof Clip Type A for Danfoss RX Kits
088L3002 Downspout Edge Protection Plate
Danfoss Downspout Hanger Bracket used to provide mechanical protection to the heating cable as it goes over sharp edges and to hold the heating cable in place at the top of downspouts
088L3003 RX Roof Clips Type B 20 pc. Bag
RX Roof Clips Type B
088L3004 RX Spacer Clips 10pc Bag
Danfoss RX Kit Spacer Clips - 10pcs/bag
088L3422 120V-277Volt Thermostat
Danfoss Weatherproof Thermostat with Water-tight Enclosure, for Roof and Gutter Heating Cable and Pipe Freeze Protection Cable - Remote bulb temperature sensing - Wall mounted - Operational control only - Max. heating load: 25A @ 120V-240V, 22A @ 277V
AT-1 Aluminum Foil Pipe Tape
Chromalox Part (PCN) #: 383355 - Chromalox Installation Tape Roll with Pressure-Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive Backing - 2 1/2 Inch Wide x 180 Ft Long - 200F Rating - 2 mil. Thickness - Minimum Application Temperature is 40F
088L3038 CDP-2 Remote Control
Danfoss CDP-2 Remote Control & Display Panel for DS-8 (installation requires use of CS-1 pigtail sold separately) for Snow Sensors - GX Snow Melting Accessory
SM431 3/4in Fiberglass Cloth Tape Roll
3/4 Inch Wide x 108 Ft with thermosetting silicone adhesive - 150 lbs/in width Tensile - 25 oz/in width Adhesion - 7.5 mils Thickness - 8 Percent Min. Elongation - 5.0 mils Backing - White Color - Will not shrink or break - Withstands temperatures to 500F
Mor Electric Heating
088L3036 DS-8 Snow Melt Controller
Obsolete, replaced by DS-8C (Item ID ASE10011)
Substitute Items:
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SR245-1000 240V Heat Cable 5W/Ft 1000Ft
King Electric SR Electric Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Heating Cable for Water Pipe Heat Trace (6 Watts per Foot at 40F) & Roof & Gutter Deicing (8 Watts per Foot at 32F) - Rated 5 Watts per Foot at 50F - 240 Volts - 1000 foot Spool
King Electric