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Item Code: DANFOSS088L3503

Description:  088L3503 RX 80FT 120V 390W Heat Cable

120 Volt 80 Ft. 390 Watts 3.3 Amps - Kit Includes: Professional Grade Roof and Gutter Heating Cable - Pre-Terminated Industrial Strength AC Plug - Shingle Clips - Spacer Clips - Full Two Year Warranty


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Danfoss Inc.




Voltage: 120 Volt
Wattage: 390 Watts
Length: 80 Ft
Applications: Roof and Gutter Deicing
Manufacturer: Danfoss
Included: Heating Cable with Grounded Plug
6 Ft Power Lead
Spacer Clips
Shingle Clips

Features of Danfoss 088L3503 RX 80FT 120 Volt 390 Watt Roof and Gutter Deicing Cable

The Danfoss RX Series Constant Wattage Roof and Gutter Deicing Cables provide protection needed to prevent ice dams and snow accumulation from damaging buildings and gutters.

Professional grade cable

100 percent aluminum foil screen

ERS (Electrical Shock Resistant)

UV Rated to withstand the harshest conditions

Durable and high quality materials provide excellent moisture, corrosion, and impact protection

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