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Item Code: EASY10089
UPC/GTIN/Part #: 013627069114

Description:  PSR1075 75ft Long 375W 120V Heat Trace

EASYHEAT PSR Pre-Terminated Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Cable for Water Pipes and Roofs - 75 Foot Long - 375 Watts - 120 Volt - 5 Watts per Foot at 50 Deg. F. - 30 Inch Cold Lead (Plug Included)


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Condition:  New in box

Easy Heat


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Voltage: 120 Volt
Wattage: 375 Watt
Length: 75 Ft
Applications: Roof and Gutter Deicing
Pipe Freeze Protection
Watt/Ft at 50F: 5 Watts/Ft
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Easy Heat
Included: Heating Cable
Installation Instructions

Features of Easy Heat PSR1075

Eliminate Ice Dams or Freeze Protect Your Pipes.

EASYHEAT, your industry leader in pipe freeze prevention and roof-and-gutter deicing applications, introduces PSR pre-terminated self-regulating cable. Imagine the convenience: each PSR cable is a pre-terminated, water-proof, off-the-shelf product with the efficiency and functionality of self-regulating technology. With this built-in application flexibility, PSR becomes a first-choice solution for your heat tracing needs.

Each PSR cable is pre-assembled for quick selection and easy installation. Select from lengths of 6', 12', 18', 24', 50', 75' and 100' right off the shelf. All cables use a 30" cold lead (the 30 inches of cold lead is not part of the specified length of the cable - i.e. the 6 ft cable is 8.5 feet long total with 6' of heated cable.) Suitable for use on metal and plastic pipes, such as PVC or Polybutylene, up to 2.5" in diameter. PSR accommodates water pipe diameters from .5" to 2.5". For roof and gutter deicing and ice dam prevention areas, usually one PSR cable will be sufficient.

The PSR 120 VAC heating cables use a power indicator light in the plug, visual assurance that the system is energized and working. PSR 240 VAC cables must be hardwired into the electrical circuit. Using self-regulating technology, no thermostat is required: overlap the cable with no more overheating worries. Self-regulating heating cable varies its heat output in relation to the ambient temperature. As the surrounding temperature increases, the heat of the PSR cable decreases. When the temperature decreases, the cable heat increases along the length of the cable.

The PSR system can be installed with the confidence that it will operate for years without requiring service. When it comes to freeze protection, stay with the leader - EASYHEAT.

Easy Heats PSR cable is a Self-Regulating commercial grade heat trace. Due to the self-regulating nature of the cable, the cable can cross over itself without causing a premature failure. This is a convenient feature when wrapping the cable around a large valve for freeze protection or when running the cable in a down spout in a roof and gutter deicing application.

When using the PSR heat trace on plastic pipes, it is recommended to use aluminum tape on the plastic pipe before installing the PSR heat trace. The aluminum tape will conduct the heat away from the cable and spread the heat out over a larger surface area on the plastic pipe providing superior freeze protection.

Securing the PSR heat trace to a pipe is made easy with Fiberglass tape. The tape should be used as necessary to hold the PSR heat trace in place allowing the installation of fiberglass insulation around the pipe to complete the job.

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