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Item Code: ETI23736
UPC/GTIN/Part #: PD Pro

Description:  PD Pro Snow & Ice Control, 120 VAC

ETI (Environmental Technology Inc.) Snow Switch Automatic Snow & Ice Melting System Control for Pilot Duty Applications, 120V - UL / CSA


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Condition:  New in box



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Voltage: 120 VAC
Phase: 1 Phase
Output Relay: 30 Amps at 120 VAC for Resistive Loads
Applications: Snow Melting Systems
Manufacturer: Environmental Technology Inc
Included: Controller

Features of PD PRO 120 Volt Snow Melting and Deicing Control

The ETI PD PRO Snow Melting and Deicing Control is designed to automatically control snow and ice melting systems in commercial and residential applications such as sidewalks, loading docks, handicap ramps, roof and gutters, and driveways. The PD PRO interfaces with up to two standard ETI sensors to meet the application requirements. Three sensors are available. The CIT-1 aerial snow sensor, the GIT-1 gutter ice sensor, and the SIT-6E pavement mounted snow sensor. The CIT-1 sensor can be paired with the GIT-1 sensor for roof and gutter deicing applications. The CIT-1 sensor can also be paired with the SIT-6E sensor for pavement snow and ice melting applications. All three sensors detect precipitation as snow at temperatures below 38F (3.3C). The PD PRO output is energized only if moisture is detected below this temperature, saving energy and ensuring thorough snow and ice melting.

Automatic snow and ice melting controller minimizes operating costs

120 VAC Supply Voltage

Rated for up to 7 amp inductive loads for pilot duty applications and resistive loads up to 30 amps

8 hour Adjustable Hold-On timer continues heater operation after snow and ice stop to ensure complete melting

Weather-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure

Dual sensor capability to meet site performance requirements

Automatic and manual-override operator controls for changing environmental conditions

Optional remote control operation (RCU-3) for added convenience

UL Listed for Temperature Regulating Equipment

Optional components available for the PD PRO system:

Remote Control Unit, RCU-3 (Item id ETI21357), allows remote operation of the system away from the control box.

Temperature Sensor Assembly (Item id ETI19272) regulates the heating cycle to make it more efficient.

Neither of the above optional components comes with the basic system so either or both of them must be ordered separately and installed along with the system.

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