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Item Code:

HP814401202CT Markel Hotpod Heater

Markel Hotpod Supplemental Inline Duct Heating System - 120 Volt - 1 Phase - 720/1440 Watt - 8 Inch Duct Size - Plug and 10ft Cordset Included - UT8003 Low Voltage Thermostat Included
Vendor: Tpi (Fostoria/Markel)


Voltage: 120 Volt
Phase: 1 Phase
Wattage: 720/1440 Watt
Applications: Room Heating
Duct Heating System
Duct Size: 8 Inch
Wiring: Plug and 10ft Cordset Included
Manufacturer: Markel
Included: Heating Unit
UT8003 Low Voltage Thermostat

Features of Markel HP814401202CT Hotpod Supplemental Duct Heating System

The Markel Hotpod Supplemental Inline Duct Heating System is installed into existing duct work, which can help the homeowner control the temperature of an existing room. A hotpod may be installed by a professional HVAC contractor into existing duct work, or in less complicated installations by a homeowner that has some "do-it-yourself" experience. Heating is achieved by energizing the 1440W heating element and using the internal fan to supplement the existing HVAC heated air into the room.

Use to heat cold rooms or additions without upgrading central system

Fan only operation for increased cfm output for air conditioning cycles

Two stage operation

Zero clearance for all models

Includes UT8003 low voltage thermostat

1500 RPM Motor delivering 210 CFM of air flow

Optional wireless thermostat is available

Silent boot option available for rigid duct applications

The Markel Hotpod Duct Heating System can be used for Cooling by using the internal fan to deliver conditioned air from the main duct work and/or other conditioned areas, until the desired temperature is reached.