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Item Code: MARKEL667081
UPC/GTIN/Part #: 686334667081

Description:  6333D054833B30D0F Cabinet Unit Heater

TPI Corp./Markel 6300 Series Electric Cabinet Unit Heater - 480 Volt - 3 Phase - 3000/5000 Watt - Built-In Single Stage Thermostat & Relays Are Operated by an Internal 24VAC source - Front inlet & Front outlet - Beige - 33" L x 25" H x 9" D - Catalog #: 0


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Condition:  New in box

Tpi Corporation


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Voltage: 480 Volt
Phase: 3 Phase
Wattage: 3000/5000 Watt
Applications: Commercial Room Heating
Color: Beige
Dimensions (LxHxD): 33 Inch Length x 25 Inch Height x 9 Inch Depth
Manufacturer: Markel
Included: Heating Unit

Features of Markel 6333D054833B30DOF Electric Cabinet Unit Heater

The Markel 6300 Series Electric Cabinet Unit Heater are designed to be used in commercial and institutional application such as stores, schools, offices, transportation terminals, churches, entrance ways.

Heavy duty 16 Gauge Zinc coated steel cabinet.

Industrial type finned tubular elements.

Removable front door for easy access to the control panel, elements, motor-blower assembly, filters and all internal components

Safety limits are built into the system to automatically shut off heater in event of overheating: The primary limit is an automatic capillary type to sense the heat along the full length of the heating elements. It de-energizes the heaters by opening the coil circuit on the heating contactors. The secondary limit is a manual reset thermal device that interrupts power to the heating elements.

Direct drive motor

High and Low Heat Ranges: All units will be supplied as standard with a switch for selecting full heat at high fan speed or reduced heat at low fan speed (On 480 and 600 Volt units the switch changes the heat but not the fan speed).

Built-in Single Stage Thermostat and Relays are operated by an internal 24 Volt source

Front inlet and Front outlet

Disposable Filter

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