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Item Code: MARKEL711401
UPC/GTIN/Part #: 686334711401

Description:  P3PUH03CA1 Markel Electric Unit Heater

TPI Corp./Markel UH Series Electric Unit Heater - 480 Volt - 3 Phase - 3.3 KW - 13 Inch H x 20 Inch W x 11 Inch D - Catalog #: 07114002


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Condition:  New in box

Tpi Corporation


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Voltage: 480 Volt
Phase: 3 Phase
Wattage: 3.3 KW
Applications: Room Heating
Warehouse Heating
Dimensions (HxWxD): 13"H x 20"W x 11"D
Manufacturer: Markel
Included: Heating Unit

Features of Markel P3PUH03CA1 Horizontal Fan Forced Electric Unit Heater

The Markel UH Series Fan Forced Electric Unit Heater is designed for use in areas that require a heavy duty heater such as warehouse and shipping areas.

CONSTRUCTION: Heavy Gauge welded steel cabinet with powder coated finish and control compartment with a hinged and latched access door, simplifying wiring installation and maintenance.

HEATING ELEMENT: Circular copper clad steel sheath element with continuously brazed steel fins formed to match the air delivery pattern of the fan blade.

OVERHEAT PROTECTION: All units come equipped with automatic resetting type limit controls to de-energize the heater should an over-temperature situation occur.

FAN and MOTOR: Totally enclosed, single phase, permanently lubricated, thermally protected motors with unit bearings on 3 KW thru 10 KW models and sleeve bearings on 12.5 KW thru 48 KW models mounted with rubber insulators to minimize vibration and noise. Fan assembly enclosed by a heavy gauge, close spaced, chrome plated wire guard.

LOUVER ASSEMBLY: Louvers are individually adjustable for directional control of air flow and the entire assembly can be repositioned in the field from down flow to up flow or left/right directional air flow.

TEMPERATURE CONTROLS: 20 KW through 48 KW units and all 480V have built in 24 Volt transformer for low voltage remote thermostat application. 25 KW through 48 KW models available in 2-stage on special order (consult factory).

INSTALLATION: Unit Heaters can be mounted with the motor shaft from horizontal to downward at 45F off horizontal. Pre-drilled holes and installed threaded nuts provided to allow hanging by threaded rods 1/4 Inch for units up to 15 KW and 5/16 Inch for 20 KW units and larger. Optional wall/ceiling mounting brackets are available for all units.

Louver assembly is square and mounted with screws. Louver can be removed and repositioned for four (4) directional air flow - left - right - up - down with the heater in the horizontal position.

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