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Item Code: OJ5703502660257

Description:  ETO2-4550-US28 120-240V Snow/Ice Control

OJ Electronics Type ETO2 Thermostat for Ice & Snow Melting Systems - Includes Cover for Surface Wall Mounting - Electronic On/Off Control up to 11 kW - Detection of Temperature & Moisture - Display & Knob Wheel for Easy Programming


available for order,
delivery is subject to manufacturing time

OJ Electronics Inc.




Voltage: 120-240 Volt
Zones: 2 Zone 16 amp Relays
Dimensions: 6.69"H x 6.38"W x 1.77"D
Application: Snow and Ice Melting Control
Manufacturer: OJ Electronics Inc
Included: Control

Features of OJ Electronics ETO2-4550-US28 120-240V Snow/Ice Control

The OJ Electronics ETO2-4550-US28 120-240V Snow/Ice Control is an intelligent all-in-one solution for ice and snow melting applications. Optimal operation is ensured through output control, making the system both effective and economical. ETO2 offers the possibility of snow melting - the green way.

Up to two individually controlled zones

Economical control via measurement of both temperature and moisture (sensors sold separately)

Display and selector knob for easy programming

Alarm relay for external signal

Several language options