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Item Code: QMARK685360047607
UPC/GTIN/Part #: 685360047607

Description:  MUH402 Qmark Unit Heater

Qmark/Marley Type MUH Series Unit Heaters - 208/240 Volt 3 Phase 30/40KW - 3000/2600 CFM - 42/49F Temp Rise - 60ft Air Throw - 24V Control Voltage


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Condition:  New in box



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Voltage: 208/240 Volt
Phase: 3 Phase
Wattage: 30KW or 40KW
Applications: Warehouse Heating
Garage Heating
Manufacturer: Qmark/Marley
Included: Heating Unit
Installation Manual

Features of MUH402 Qmark Electric Unit Heater

The Qmark MUH Series Electric Unit Heater is a heavy duty, fan forced unit heater can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The versatility of the heater allows for use in commercial and industrial applications such as heating factories, warehouses, garages, stores, shipping areas, power stations, and aircraft hangers.

Heavy gauge die formed steel housing. Two-toned, smartly styled.

Advanced pull through air flow design draws air across heating element for more even air distribution and cooler element operation.

Specially designed venturi outlet to meet that added throw as required in vertical position.

Branch circuit fusing (when required).

Completely enclosed fan motor.

Aluminum-finned, copper clad steel sheath heating element has longer useful life, because of cooler sheath temperature and faster heat dissipation.

24V control transformer standard on most models, providing a safer and more accurate means of temperature control. However, the 3KW and 5KW units with a 208 Volt, 240 Volt, 277 Volt, 347 Volt, or 600 Volt rating, have line voltage control as standard (24V control available on made-to-order basis for these units).

Automatic reset linear thermal cut-out, capillary type, provides protection over entire length of element areas (Manual reset protection available on made-to-order basis).

2-speed fan selector switch (25 to 50 KW models).

Fan delay feature eliminates cold drafts. Element heats up before fan cuts in, then fan continues to distribute heat after element shuts off.

Ruggedly built, yet lighter weight for easier installation. No piping flues, valves, or traps.

Individually adjustable discharge louvers to control air flow.

Meets all UL, NEC, and OSHA requirements.

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