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Item Code: QMARK685360139517

Description:  CWH1151DS Qmark Wall Heater

Qmark CWH1000 Series Wall Heater - 120 Volt 1500/750 Watts - Finned Metal Sheathed Element - Integral Thermostat - Power Disconnect Switch - Northern White Front Cover


Discontinued Item





Voltage: 120 Volt
Phase: 1 Phase
Wattage: 750/1500 Watt
Applications: Room Heating
Entryway Heating
Color: Northern White
Cutout Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.25"W x 11.25"H x 3.75"D
Manufacturer: Qmark/Marley
Included: Heating Unit

Features of Qmark CWH1151DS Wall Heater

The Qmark CWH1000 Series electric wall heater is a commercial grade, fan forced wall heater. The fast response and compact design make the CWH wall heater ideal for dens, basements, bathrooms, offices, and breezeways.

The heating element consists of heavy duty steel fins brazed to steel sheathed tubular elements in a grid pattern that covers the entire discharge area.

FAN DELAY: On a call for heat, element is energized but fan is delayed until element is warm, eliminating the circulation of cold air during start up. When the thermostat is satisfied, the element is de-energized, but the fan continues until all heated air is discharged providing longer component life and higher comfort level.

Designed for easy installation. Heater is mounted prior to wiring. Both hands are free to make field connections in roomy compartment.

Motor is totally enclosed, impedance protected with permanently lubricated bearings.

Airflow system maximizes air volume at minimum noise level; 65 CFM.

Rugged louvered commercial grade steel grille creates downflow air pattern.

Built-in snap action thermostat (Range 40F - 85F).

A hole plug is provided for tamper resistant installations.

Includes Built-In Disconnect Switch.

Northern White powder paint finish

The Qmark CWH1000 Series electric wall heater is designed for recessed installation in 2 x 4 stud or larger walls using the wall box provided. The heaters may also be semi-recessed or surface mounted on walls (with an optional semi-recessed or surface mounting frame).

When determining where to mount the heater, it is important to NOT install the heater behind a door, behind a towel rack, inside a closet, where drapery could touch heater or be damaged by heat, or where airflow to heater may be obstructed. Also, Keep electrical cords, bedding, furniture, and other items away from the heater.

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