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Item Code: QMARK685360147314
UPC/GTIN/Part #: 685360147314

Description:  RCC9027C Qmark Radiant Cove Heater

Qmark/Marley RCC Series Radiant Cove Heater - 277 Volt 900 Watts - 71 Inches Long - Extruded Aluminum Front Panel - Junction Box at Each End - Off White Color - Radiant/Convective Heating - Wall Mount (Near Ceiling)


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Condition:  New in box



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Voltage: 277 Volt
Phase: 1 Phase
Wattage: 900 Watt
Applications: Room Heating
Indoor Spot Heating
Color: Off White
Length: 71 Inch
Manufacturer: Qmark/Marley
Included: Heating Unit
Mounting Brackets
Installation Manual

Features of RCC9027C Qmark Radiant Cove Heater

The Qmark RCC Series Radiant Cove Heaters can meet the requirements of almost any type of residential or commercial heating application by providing sunshine type heating. Individual room control, ease of installation and out of the way mounting make it equally desirable for total or supplemental comfort heating. Typical uses for Cove Heaters are day care centers, apartments, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and foyers.

Heaters are an off-white color to complement any interior wall design.

Dual Function Heating. In addition to radiant heat, the RCC Series uses part of its energy to heat air passing behind and over the heater by convection flow. This warm air mixes with the air in the room creating a balanced heat throughout the room.

New Extrusion Design. The extruded aluminum front panel is coated with high temperature textured paint radiating a majority of its heat energy from the front surface.

Wall Mounting. This cove heater mounts on any wall surface, near the ceiling where its dual function heating can be fully utilized. Radiant heat energy is directed downward, warming people and objects near the floor.

The Qmark RCC Radiant Cove Heaters Provide Infrared Type Heat. Radiant heat provides heating comfort in much the same manner as the sun. Heat energy, in form similar to light rays, travel in a straight line from the heater to the nearest object, where the energy is absorbed and the object becomes warm. Some rays are reflected and strike other objects, warming them also.

In non radiant types of heating systems, it is necessary to warm and circulate air in order to keep the temperature in a room at a comfortable level. The warmer air warms the furniture and people in the room. With radiant heating, furniture and people are heated directly. The surrounding air eventually becomes warm, but the comfort level is not dependent upon the air temperature. Room temperature can be lowered 3 to 5 degrees while still maintaining the same comfort level. Furniture, walls, floors, etc., absorb some of the energy and act as a heat bank, releasing some of the warmth into the room during the off period of the normal on off cycle of the cove heaters.