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Item Code: SOLAIRA10070
UPC/GTIN/Part #: 687175000075

Description:  SALPHAH2-40240S 4kW 240V Silver Heater

Solaira Silver/Grey Alpha H2 Series Outdoor or Indoor Electric Quartz Radiant Infrared Heater (For use in warehouses, shipping areas, restaurants, patios, driving ranges) - 4000 Watt, 240 Volt or 3000 Watt, 208 Volt - Two Radiant Emitters and Fixture


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Condition:  New in box



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Voltage: 240 Volt
Phase: 1 Phase
Wattage: 4000 Watt
Applications: Indoor/Outdoor Spot Heating
Patio Heating
Color: Silver/Grey
Dimensions: 32"L x 9"W x 6"D
Manufacturer: Solaira
Included: Infrared Heater Assembly
2 Quartz Lamps
Mounting Bracket(s)

Features of Solaira Alpha SALPHAH2-40240S Indoor and Outdoor Rated Electric Infrared Heater

The Solaira Alpha SALPHAH2-40240S Indoor and Outdoor Rated Electric Infrared Heater is an attractive commercial and industrial grade infrared heater. The heater uses short wave infrared heating technology that provides instant, controllable, and directional heat that is not affected by wind or drafts. The Alpha Series heaters are ideal heating solutions for warehouses, shipping areas, hotels, restaurant patios, driving ranges, security gate houses, arena seating, community centers, places of worship, zoos, and outdoor waiting areas.

Commercial and industrial grade

Powder coated aircraft aluminum body and mounting brackets. Stainless steel mounting hardware.

Indoor or outdoor rated for wet or dry conditions

Modular design allows specifying engineers to adjust and direct specified heating loads based on area requirements.

Designed for both wall and overhead mounting

92 percent energy efficient with no CO2 or NOX emission

cCSAus listed and cerified to ANSI/UL 1278, UL2021, ANSI/UL 875, and ANSI/UL 834

Why Choose Solaira Quartz Electric Infrared Heating Over Natural Gas or Propane Heaters?

Low Operating Cost

Produces instant heat with no initial warm up time required

Provides a reliable and directed heat that is not affected by winds or drafts

Silent and odorless with no products of combustion

Wall mounting maximizes floor space with no storage or bulky propane gas bottles

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