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Item Code: SOLAIRA10105

Description:  SMRTV60240 208-240V 6kW Variable Control

Solaira SMaRT 60 Digital Variable Control with Temperature Monitor. 208-240 Volts - 6KW Max Load - 25 Amps Maximum - cETL Certified - For Outdoor or Indoor Applications (Water Resistant Enclosure) - 1 to 10 Step Heat Setting


available for order,
subject to vendor availability





Voltage: 208 to 240 Volt
Phase: 1 Phase
Max Load: 6000 Watt
Applications: Infrared Heater Control, Patio Heating Control, Outdoor Heating Control
Dimensions: 11"W x 6.625"H x 3.125"D
Manufacturer: Solaira
Included: Controller

Features of Solaira SMRTV60240 208-240 Volt 6000 Watt Variable Power Controller

The Solaira SMRTV60240 208 to 240 Volt 6000 Watt Variable Power Controller is designed for indoor and outdoor infrared heating applications and allows the user to vary the output of infrared heaters to achieve an ideal comfort level. The controller features a built in temperature sensor that monitors the ambient temperature conditions and inhibits the heaters when the temperature exceeds a predetermined set point between 41degF (5degC) to 77degF (25degC). The controller incorporates zero voltage switching and a soft start function that will eliminate the heaters initial high inrush current, potentially increasing heater emitter life by as much as 3 percent.

208 to 240 Volt, 6000 Watt Maximum Load, 25 Amps Max

IP65 Enclosure Rating

cETL SPE1000, CE

The SMRTV60240 variable power controller must be installed to local, state, and national electrical codes by a certified electrician.

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