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Item Code:

DL389 True RMS Digital Clamp Meter

UEi G2 Phoenix Pro Plus Clamp-On Meter - ATL59 Test Leads - Zippered Case - ATT29 K Type Temperature Probe - 2 AAA Batteries - Non-Contact Voltage 24-600V AC - Frequency - Continuity - Capacitance - Resistance - 400A AC - MIN/MAX - Detachable Clamp Head
Vendor: UEi (Universal Enterprises Inc)

Color: Yellow
Manufacturer: UEI Test Instruments
Included: Digital Clamp-On Meter
Test leads (ATL59)
K Type Temperature Probe (ATT29)
Alligator Clips (AAC3)
2(AA) Batteries
Zippered Carrying Case

Features of UEI DL389 Digital Clamp-On Meter

The UEI DL389 G2 Phoenix PRO+ offers contractors better features, functions and safety making it the most complete clamp meter available with True-RMS precision. Do not spend money on a True-RMS meter until you compare it to the PRO+ and ensure it provides all the functionality your job requires.


4000 microF Capacitance

2000 microA AC/DC

Non-Contact Voltage 24 to 600 VAC


400A AC


-22F to 752F Temperature Measurement Range(Using a K type thermocouple)

40 MOhm Resistance/Continuity

Frequency/Duty Cycle


Data Hold

Dual Display

Detachable Clamp Head

Input Jack Lock


Low Battery Display Lock

EasyView High Contrast Backlight Display

Magnetic Mount

User Temperature Calibration

Test Lead Storage

Test Lead Holder on Clamp Head

Auto Off

Compatible with Common Industry Accessory Heads

Three Year Limited Warranty

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