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Item Code: UEI10025
UPC/GTIN/Part #: T220

Description:  T220 1 Inch Pocket Dial Thermometer

UEi Dial Therm - Temperature range: 0 to 220F - +-2 division accuracy - Recalibration nut - Plastic watertight lens - Stainless steel construction - 1 Year limited warranty


Discontinued Item

Condition:  New in box

UEi (Universal Enterprises Inc)


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Manufacturer: UEI Test Instruments
Included: Thermometer

Features of UEI T220 1 Inch Pocket Dial Thermometer

The UEI T220 1 Inch Pocket Dial Thermometer is a convenient tool for measuring temperatures.

Temperature range: 0F to 220F
+/- 2 division accuracy

Recalibration nut

Plastic watertight lens

Stainless steel construction

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