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The TA315 is an integration of the selectable heating or cooling thermostat and the percentage timer.

The timer cycle is started when the temperature falls below the setpoint. The thermostat output cycles ON for the percentage on time set by the TIME ADJUST knob and then OFF for the remainder of the time cycle duration. At the end of a timer cycle, a new cycle will begin as long as the temperature remains
at or below the setpoint. If at any time the temperature rises more than 2°F above the setpoint, the current timing cycle will be immediately terminated. After a cycle has been terminated, a new cycle will not be started until the temperature falls below the setpoint.

Input Voltage: 120VAC to 240VAC
Load: 20 Amps @ 120VAC
Thermostat Range: 40°F - 110°F
Time Cycle Duration: 5 or 10 Min.
Percentage On Time: 10% to 90%
On/Off Differential: 2°F Nominal
Housing: UL Listed NEMA 4X

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TA315 King Electric Rad Heater Control
King Electric Radiant Heater Control - 120 to 240 Volt at 20 Amps - Integrated Percentage Timer (10% to 90% On/Off Differential) and Thermostat (40 to 110F Range) - UL Listed - Nema 4X
King Electric