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You searched for: King Electric PKB Series Yellow Jacket 240V 1PH Portable Unit Heaters
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This workhorse of a portable heater is typically used on jobsites where dry heat is needed in an otherwise moist location. Faster dry times are obtained by using electric instead of propane; therefore,
dry times are reduced by at least three times.

Dry heat and air movement are the keys to getting the job done right. Temporary heating is the other typical application that these heaters fill, using fewer heaters and providing temporary comfort in time of need. Low temperature rise and high airflow across the coils makes it ideal for dry out applications.

* Spiral Steel Fin Element
* Cast Iron Motor
* Aluminum Fan Blade
* Built-in Thermostat
* Heavy Gauge Steel Enclosure
* Adjustable Discharge Louvers
* Totally Enclosed Motor
* SO Cord (No Plug)
* Tip Over Switch
* Electro-Galvanized Construction
* Baked Enamel Finish
* Handle for Carrying

Construction: All exterior and interior metal enclosure parts are made from 20GA electro galvanized steel with a rust inhibiting baked enamel finish. Smooth rounded corners and protective edge trim give an attractive modern appearance.

Adjustable Outlet Louver: Louvers direct air up or down as needed for the heating application.

Rear Intake Screen: Heavy gauge steel screen protects against foreign objects making accidental contact with the rotating fan blade.

Spiral Fin Elements: The metal sheath element is brazed with spiral fins and then molded into a coil configuration. This combination produces the best heat transfer while eliminating the potential for hot spots by positioning the element in the maximum airflow stream.

Totally Enclosed Fan Motor: Permanently lubricated cast iron with 20 cc of oil. Epoxy coated motor with enclosed rotor resists moisture and corrosion for long lasting trouble free operation.

Aluminum Fan Blade: Axial flow type fan mounted directly to the motor shaft for maximum efficiency.

Auto-Reset Thermal Cutout: Power is disconnected from the element if an over heated condition occurs. The fan continues to run to dissipate excess heat from the element. The element is re-energized automatically when the normal operating temperature returns.

Internal Controls: Magnetic contactors are standard on the following models: 1) all 480V heaters, 2) all 208V-1Ø, 240V-1Ø, and 277V-1Ø heaters above 6-KW, 3) all 3Ø heaters. The control voltage is equal to the line voltage (208, 240 or 277) except for 480V models where a transformer is provided for 24V Control. Sub circuit fusing is provided when the heater ampacity exceeds 48 amps to comply with NEC standards. A fan delay is provided standard on models 12.5-KW and above to dissipate residual heat from the heating elements.

King Electric PKB Series Portable Unit Heater Installation Manual
King Electric PKB Series Portable Unit Heater Catalog Page
Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
PKB2410-1 King Electric Unit Heater
King Electric Portable Unit Heater - PKB Series - 208 Volt 1 Phase 7.5KW or 240 Volt 1 Phase 10KW - 725 CFM - 44F Temperature Rise - 24ft Air Throw - Includes SO Cord But Does NOT Include A Plug - Tip Over Switch - Carrying Handle
King Electric