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The KBP is an excellent choice for a garage or shop heater; it easily has the capacity to heat a large space. It has a flow through design which means it pulls the air from the back of the heater and discharges out the front for efficient air movement. This is a rugged heater with quality components that is suitable for commercial applications as well.

It comes standard with a 3-position switch and an accurate built-in thermostat that has degrees on the label for precise temperature control. Also comes with fan delay to help dissipate the heat from the elements. This heater can be used as a portable by purchasing
the -K1 (120 Volt) or -K2 (240 Volt) accessory kit.

* Pic-A-Watt® Element
* Cast Iron Motor
* Aluminum Fan Blade
* Built-in Thermostat
* Quiet Running
* Multiple Wattage Selection
* Powder Coated Finish
* Standard Color - Almond
* Universal Mounting Bracket
* Fan Delay
* Selector Switch - Fan / Heat / Off
* Tested Under UL1278
* Bimetallic limit turns the element off if an over temperature condition occurs and automatically resets when the normal temperature returns.
* Optional 30 Amp Plug, Cord, Handle Kit

Pic-A-Watt Heating Element: Exclusive King multi-tap element allows field adjustment to several wattages at time of installation. Steel sheath elements of various resistance are copper brazed to steel plate fins producing a multi-wattage heating element.

Built-in Thermostat: Single pole factory installed hydraulic capillary tube thermostat with precision heating control. Operating range 40º F to 90º F.

Fan / Heat / Off Switch: 3-position switch provides heating and summer fan only operation. The DPST off switch provides a "positive off" that disconnects all ungrounded conductors. Not available in 480V and 3 Phase models.

Fan Delay Switch: The fan continues to operate after the thermostat shuts off in order to remove the residual heat left in the elements.

Universal Mounting Bracket: Combination ceiling/wall/floor bracket is included with every heater.

Unit Bearing Motor: Permanently lubricated cast iron 4 pole motor with 20 cc of oil. Enclosed rotor provides long lasting trouble free operation. Thermally protected, 1300 RPM.

Auto-Reset Thermal Limit Control: Heater shuts off when over temperature conditions exist and automatically resets when the normal operating temperature returns.

Exterior: Textured Acrylic Powder Coating provides an attractive durable finish in almond color.

King Electric Catalog Page
Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
KBP-K1 King Electric 6ft Cord Kit
King Electric 6 Foot Cord Kit for KBP Series Unit Heater - 120 Volt - 1 Phase - 30 Amp - 120V 30A Outlet Included
King Electric
KBP1230 King Electric Unit Heater
KBP Series - 120 Volt With Field Selectable Wattages of 950/1900/2850 - Built In Tstat (40 to 90F) - 3 Position (Fan/Heat/Off) Switch - 270 CFM - 35F Temp Rise - 16ft Air Throw - Includes Universal Mtg Bracket - Almond Finish
King Electric