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You searched for: KBS Series 480V 3PH Unit Heater
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KBS unit heaters are constructed for specialty heating and freeze protection in areas requiring periodic washing or hose-down cleaning of equipment due to dirty, dusty and corrosive environments. The heater is constructed from 16 GA. type 304 stainless steel throughout and Monel #400 elements making it extremely corrosion resistant. The Nema 4 wiring compartment is sealed and gasketed making it water tight. All the optional control components are UL listed for use in Nema 4 enclosures. This heater is intended for the following applications:

* Waste Water Treatment Plants
* Car and Truck Washes
* Cement Plants, Steel Mills, and other Heavy Industries
* Canneries and Dairy Facilities
* Ship and Marine Docks
* Fish Processors
* Load Bank for Generators

* 16 GA. Stainless Steel Spiral Steel Fin Element
* Cast Iron Motor
* Aluminum Fan Blade
* Adjustable Discharge Louvers
* Monel Element
* Totally Enclosed Motor
* Nema 4 Enclosure
* Control Options
* Auto-Reset Thermal Cutout
* Optional Heavy Gauge Case
* Optional Stainless Steel Bird Screen
* Optional 3-Position Switch (Heat-Off-Fan)
* Optional Two Stage Thermostat
* Optional Pilot Light (Power On Indication)
* Optional Door Interlocking Disconnect

Stainless Steel Construction: All exterior and interior metal enclosure parts are made from 16 GA. type 304 stainless steel. All fasteners and hardware are stainless steel.

Adjustable Outlet Louver: Stainless steel louvers direct air up or down as needed for the heating application.

Rear Intake Screen: Heavy gauge stainless steel screen protects against foreign objects making accidental contact with the rotating fan blade.

Nema 4 Enclosure: Every electrical component in the wiring compartment is sealed with a polyurethane adhesive. The bottom access panel is sealed with a ¼" Poron high density polyurethane gasket. This provides excellent protection against corrosion, windblown dust, dirt, and rain, splashing water and hose-directed water. All optional control accessories are nema 4X rated.

Monel Spiral Fin Elements: The metal sheath element is brazed with spiral fins and then molded into a coil configuration. This combination produces the best heat transfer while eliminating the potential for hot spots by positioning the element in the maximum airflow stream. Monel alloy #400 composed of 66.5% Ni and 31.5% Cu increases element life in extremely corrosive environments such as Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Totally Enclosed Fan Motor: Permanently lubricated cast iron epoxy coated motor with enclosed rotor resists moisture and corrosion for long lasting trouble free operation.

Aluminum Fan Blade: Axial flow type mounted directly to the motor shaft for maximum efficiency.

Auto-Reset Thermal Cutout: Power is disconnected from the heater if an overheated condition occurs. The heater is reenergized automatically when the normal operating temperature returns.

Controls: Magnetic contactors are standard on all 480V heaters, all 208V-1Ø, 240V-1Ø, 277V-1Ø heaters 6 KW and above, and all 3Ø heaters. The control voltage is equal to the line voltage (208, 240 or 277) except for 480V models where a transformer is provided for 24V Control. Subcircuit fusing is provided when heater ampacity exceeds 48 amps to comply with NEC standards. A fan delay is provided standard on models 12.5-KW and above to dissipate residual heat from the heating elements.

Optional Coated Fan Blade: Extra corrosion protection.

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KBS4805-3MP-B2 King Electric Unit Heater
King Electric Stainless Steel Unit Heater - KBS Series - 480 Volt 1 or 3 Phase 5KW - Nema 4 (Water Tight) Electrical Enclosure - 400 CFM - 40F Temp Rise - 16ft Air Throw - 24VAC Control Voltage - Heater Size B - Bracket Included
King Electric
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/KINGELECTRIC22129_t.* does not exist
KBS4805-3MP-T-B2 King Electric Unit Heat
King Electric Stainless Steel Unit Heater - KBS Series - 480 Volt 1 or 3 Phase 5KW - Nema 4 (Water Tight) Electrical Enclosure - 400 CFM - 40F Temp Rise - 16ft Air Throw - Includes Built In Thermostat (40 to 100F) - Heater Size B - Bracket Included
King Electric