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You searched for: Qmark Marley MUH-35 Series Electric Unit Heater. 208/240Volts. Up to 5KW. Wall or ceiling mount. Factories, garages, schools, etc.
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Qmark MUH-35 Unit Heater



Qmark type MUH-35 unit heater. Mounts either on the wall or from the ceiling can be used for primary or spot heating. For use in factories, garages, and schools.


  • Mounts either on the wall or from the ceiling can be used for primary or spot heating. For factories, garages, and schools.

  • Airflow can be directed horizontally, vertically or any position between for precise control.

  • Multiple wattage heat selector switch. Either 5KW or 3.3KW @ 240V (3.7KW or 2.5KW @ 208V) for just the right amount of heat.

  • Fan only switch allows fan to cycle automatically with elements or run continuously for air movement when no heat is required.

  • Built-in thermostat with a temperature of 40F to 90F.

  • Heater is shipped with ceiling/wall bracket.

  • Heavy gauge die-formed steel housing.

  • Advanced pull-through air flow design draws air across heating element for more even air distribution and cooler element operation.

  • Specially designed venturi outlet to meet that added throw as required in vertical position.

  • Completely enclosed fan motor, 1/100 hp, 1600 rpm.

  • Air delivery data: 210 cfm at 550 fpm

  • Maximum effective mounting height: 8' horizontal, 51; vertical, horizontal air throw 24'.

  • Statuary Bronze Finish.

  • Aluminum-finned, copper clad steel sheath heating element has longer useful life, because of cooler sheath temperature and faster heat dissipation.

  • Automatic reset linear thermal cut-out capillary type, provides protection over entire length of element area.

  • Ruggedly built, yet lighter weight for easier installation. No piping flues, valves, or traps.

  • Meets all UL, NEC, and OSHA requirements.

  • UL Listed.

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MUH-35 Qmark Unit Heater
Qmark/Marley Type MUH-35 Unit Heater - 240 Volt 5000/3333 Watts - 208 Volt 3750/2500 Watts - 210 CFM - 24ft Air Throw - Statuary Bronze Finish - Includes Ceiling/Wall Bracket and Built In Thermostat (40-90 Deg. F. Range)