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The LPW picks up where the PAW leaves off with a wattage range up to 4500W. This is our most popular large wall heater used in both residential and commercial applications.

It comes standard with a rotary 3-position selector switch and has a fan delay to help dissipate the heat from the steel plate fin elements which will prolong the life of the heater and increase energy efficiency since it blows the residual heat into the room. The high quality built-in thermostat has degrees on the label so there is no guessing about the temperature being set.

* Pic-A-Watt® Element
* Cast Iron Motor
* Aluminum Fan, 5-Blades
* Multiple Wattage
* Selector Switch - Fan / Heat / Off
* 20 Gauge Powder Coated Grill
* Standard Color - Bright White
* Safety light illuminates when the thermal cutout trips and turns off when the limit resets.
* Safety limit turns off power to the element if it overheats and automatically resets.
* 20 Gauge Electro-Galvanized Steel Recess Can with ground wire.
* Approved for direct contact with building insulation.
* Opt. Built-in 1-Pole unit mount thermostat, 40-90°F operating range.
* Optional Retrofit Grill
* Optional Surface Wall Box
* Optional Color - Almond
* Optional Tamperproof Controls
* Available in Ceiling Model

Motor: Heavy duty, cast iron, unit bearing, permanently lubricated with 20cc oil reservoir, 1440 RPM. Enclosed impedance
protected with intake air cooling motor for increased bearing life.

Fan: High efficiency dynamically balanced 5-blade aluminum impeller fan. 185 CFM.

Elements: Elements assemblies shall be non-glowing design. Element assemblies shall consisting of three steel sheathed heating tubes in a furnace brazed, plate finned, block design. Each sheathed tube shall contain coiled Ni-Chrome wire, embedded in an insulator of magnesium oxide. The element assembly shall provide a minimum of seven (7) possible wattage configurations available for selection during field installation. The use of external resistors, diodes, or other weak links to obtain multiple wattages will not be acceptable.

Fan / Heat / Off Switch: 3-position switch provides heating and summer fan only operation. The DPST off switch provides a "positive off" that disconnects all ungrounded conductors.

Safety Limit: The thermal cutout turns off power to the heater in the event of overheating, and automatically resets when
temperature returns to normal.

Safety Light: Illuminates when the thermal cutout trips and turns off when the limit resets.

Wall Box: 20 gauge electro-galvanized steel with factory installed ground wire. Minimum Clearance to Floors and Sidewalls. Zero clearance to combustibles.

Grill: 20 gauge steel finished in a gloss white powder coated paint.

Options: 1-Pole built in thermostat 45-80° operating range, retrofit grill, and surface wall box.

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LPW2445T-W King Electric Wall Heater
King Electric Wall Heater - LPW Series with PAW (Pic-A-Watt) Element - 240 Volt With Field Selectable Wattages of 2250/2750/3000/3250/3500/3750/4000/4500 Watt - Fan/Heat/Off Switch - Built In Thermostat - Includes Wall Can and Bright White Colored Grill
King Electric