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You searched for: Dimplex PCH Precision Fan-forced Comfort Wall Heater with Variable Heat Output & Fan Speed
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Dimplex PCH Precision Fan-forced Comfort Wall Heater with Variable Heat Output & Fan Speed

The Precision Comfort Heater is the first fan-forced heater to combine a built-in electronic thermostat with fully variable heat output and fan speed.

Patented PVO technology automatically adjusts the fan speed and wattage to quietly keep room temperature within an amazing 0.2F – five times more accurate than average electronic thermostats! This incredible accuracy ensures perfect room comfort and uses up to 29% less energy than a conventional fan heater and wall thermostat.

CONNEX Whole Home Control

Precision Comfort Heaters are compatible with optional Dimplex Single-zone and Multi-zone CONNEX Controllers, which provide whole home connectivity and comfort.

Controls & Wiring

Built-in electronic proportioning thermostat (Approved according to CSA-C828 performance standards), an RF receiver for wireless control, and whole home temperature synchronization. Optional single-zone or multi-zone CONNEXTM controllers are available for multi-heater installations.


Recess box has depth indexes for appropriate pre-drywall installation. A large wiring compartment makes power connection easy. Factory pre-assembled for fast, convenient installations.

Heating Element

Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) element, allowing variable temperature delay.


  • Patented PVO Technology
    Automatically and quietly adjusts the fan speed and wattage for perfect comfort.

  • Built-in Electronic Thermostat
    Maintains room temperature to within an incredible 0.2F for maximum comfort and up to 29% energy savings.

  • Heat BOOST Timer
    Provides timed, maximum heat output for bathroom applications.

  • Radio Frequency Control
    Equipped with CONNEXTM wireless technology that works with Dimplex Single-Zone and Multi-Zone Controllers for simple whole home control.

  • Washable Dust Filter
    Airborne particles are trapped in the filter for cleaner air. The filter is removable for easy cleaning.

  • Economy Setting
    Reduce set temperature when the room is not in use.

  • Safe
    Equipped with multiple safety systems to ensure complete piece of mind.

  • Discreet Styling
    Unique louvered grille design for a look that will suit any decor.

Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
DPC-RWS wall mounted remote control
Dimplex remote control with RF set point. For optionally remotely controlling the temperature of the thermostat of one or more Dimplex CONNEX enabled Smart Heaters - White
CX-MPC CONNEX Wireless 7-day Controller
Dimplex - Multi-zone - 7-day programmable - Operates four individual heat zones wirelessly from one remote location - Synchronizes multiple Dimplex CONNEX enabled Smart Heaters to this one controller - batteries included
PCH2000TCW-TK Wall Heater 240V / 208V
Dimplex 2000/1900Watt Precision Fan-forced Comfort Heater - Built-in electronic thermostat - Fully variable heat output & fan speed - Automatic adjustment of fan speed & wattage - compatible with CONNEX Controllers - 2x3 wall installation trim included
Dimplex Multi-zone Programmable Controller - Wireless Control of Dimplex Smart Heaters with CONNEX using your mobile device & your wireless router (802.11 b/g/n) - 120V - 50 Foot Range - White - Includes stand for tabletop & wall-mount bracket
CST-240 240V 4000W CONNEX Thermostat
Dimplex CONNEX Compatible Smart White Thermostat - 240 Volt - 4000 Watts - For use with CONNEX controllers to provide wireless and WIFI connectivity to fan-forced or convection electric heaters without built-in thermostats
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PCHSBW Optional Surface Mount Box
Dimplex Electromode - White for PCH2000TCW-TK Heater