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Qmark Heavy Duty Commercial Ceiling Fans

Heavy Duty Commercial Ceiling Fans


  • >36201 36” Commercial Fan Designed for smaller areas, where minimal ventilation is required. Ideally suited for isolated areas and as a supplemental cooling fan

  • 48201 48” Commercial Fan Designed for commercial facilities such as school classrooms, offices, retail stores, restaurants. Provides maximum area coverage for both summer cooling and winter heat destratification

  • 56001LC 56” Commercial / School Classroom Fan

  • Designed for spacious areas with low ceilings where larger blade diameter span creates maximum air velocity and area coverage at lower RPM’s

  • Engineered specifically for continuous commercial use with the same manufacturing criteria as our heavy duty industrial line. Ideally suited for classrooms

Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
36201 Heavy Duty Comm Ceiling FanMarley/Qmark
48201 Heavy Duty Comm Ceiling FanMarley/Qmark
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56001LC Heavy Duty Comm Ceiling Fan
Qmark/Marley 120V, 56" diameter white commercial/school room ceiling fan