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You searched for: EasyHeat EH38 Pre-Set Electric Thermostat Controlled Device. Self-regulating cable on below 38F and off above 50F
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EasyHeat EH38 Preset Thermostat



Automate self-regulating cable installations in dry locations for savings in energy and cost with the simple yet powerful EH38 thermostatically controlled device from Easy Heat. Electric radiant heating cables offer different features for freeze prevention applications. Many include built-in thermostats for automatic power-on/power-off operation. Self-regulating heating cables generally do not need these controls: the heat output and energy usage of these cables are reduced as temperatures rise. Without on/off control, however, these cables remain energized.



  • Thermostatically Controlled Device

  • Allows cable to energize below 38°F and to turn off automatically at about 50°F

  • 1500 watt, 15 amp capacity. 125 Volts

  • For dry location only

  • With power indicator light

  • UL Listed

When installed, the convenient EH38 automatically energizes the cable at temperatures lower than 38°F/3°C and shuts off power at 50°F/10°C. Further, the EH38 extends cable life by reducing operation time, especially in the summer, while eliminating the hassle of having to unplug the cable each spring. Most importantly, it removes the risks of frozen pipes if the cable is not plugged in when the temperature falls. Installation is easy. Simply unplug the heating cable, plug in the EH38, and then insert the heating cable plug into the device. The handy EH38 can control other electrical devices that need to be activated when temperatures approach the freezing point.

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Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
EH38 Preset Thermostat - On 38F Off 50F
EASYHEAT Current Tap Thermostat - Thermostatically Controlled Device (Turns On at 38 Deg. F/Off at 50 Deg. F) - 15 Amp 125 Volt - For Dry Locations Only
Easyheat Inc