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You searched for: ETI GPT-3 Tracon Pipe Freeze Protection Thermostat with GFEP, 120-277 VAC UL / CSA
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ETI GPT-3 Freeze Protection Thermostat with GFEP, 120-277 VAC U-L / CSA


Automatic Temperature Control for Freeze Protection Applications
GPT-3 Trace Control

The patented and patent pending GPT–3 Freeze Protection Thermostat is engineered to fit in between electromechanical thermostats and high-end general purpose single and multiple channel temperature controls. It offers performance features that cannot be provided by simple electromechanical thermostats while providing lower cost and operational simplicity when compared to the high end products. The GPT–3 is ideally suited for cost sensitive applications that would otherwise go unmonitored.

The computerized GPT–3 has a calibrated adjustment for setting the control temperature between 41° and 77°F (5° and 25°C). This range is ideal for freeze protection applications without being so wide that accidental maladjustment could prevent freeze protection.

GPT–3 features enhance heating system safety and reliability without sacrificing either operational simplicity or energy efficiency. For example, the GPT–3 monitors heating cables continuously so damage occurring during the summer months is alarmed when it happens rather than waiting until heat is needed. Both constant wattage and self-limiting heaters are accommodated.

The GFEP uses digital filtering to minimize false trips. Although preset for 30 mA, the GFEP can be set to trip on currents as high as 120 mA to avoid nuisance tripping on longer cable runs. The GPT–3 checks the GFEP for proper operation any time that it is tested or reset. The GFEP and heater cable are both tested automatically every 24 hours for proper operation and freedom from ground leakage for an extra margin of safety.

Normally, the GFEP must be reset manually after being tripped. However, some critical service applications, such as fire sprinkler protection, consider a ground fault condition of secondary importance. The GPT–3 can be set to meet this requirement by resetting automatically.

The GPT–3 checks its control temperature sensor. Upon detecting a failure, it prevents heater operation. A second sensor checks the temperature at the far end of the cable when using a self limiting heater. Upon detecting sensor failure, the GPT–3 alarms the fact and continues heater operation.

The GPT–3 checks its contactor and alarms stuck or open contacts. A contactor failure causes uncontrolled heater operation.

The GPT–3 has features making it simple to install and easy to operate. It automatically selects operating voltages of 120, 208, 240 or 277 volts. The temperature sensors are NEC Class 2 devices that can be located up to 2,000' (610m) away from the GPT–3. The NEMA 3R rating provides location flexibility as does its -40° to 136°F (-40° to 58°C) operating temperature range. The nonmetallic enclosure features a lockable transparent cover which prevents tampering while displaying GPT–3 operational information for operational personnel.



Area of use
Nonhazardous locations



41° to 77°F (5° to 25°C)

Dead band
2°F (1°C)


120, 2080, 240 or 277 volts auto-selected

Heater load
30 amps maximum

Alarm relay
Isolated SPDT 1 amp class 2 contact

Supply (green)
Power supplied

Heater (yellow)
Call for heat

GFEP (red)
Ground fault occurring or has occurred
Contactor failure

Fault (red)
Temperature sensor failure
Power-on self-check failure


30 mA default, 60, 90, 120 mA selectable

Manual default, automatic selectable

Every 24 hours (estimated)

Heater Monitoring
Self-limiting default, constant wattage selectable
No power
Heater failure

Alarm relay
Contactor failure
Ground fault or GFEP failure
Temperature sensor failure

Temperature limits
-40°F to 136°F (-40°C to 58°C

-50°F to 180°F (-45°C to 82°C)

Installation Instructions
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