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You searched for: Almond 347 Volt Dimplex Linear Convector LC Series Baseboard Heaters
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Dimplex Electromode White 347 Volt Linear Convector LC Series Baseboard Heaters

Heat that fits. Smaller. Faster. Smarter. (Up to 42% shorter than conventional baseboard heaters)

Revolutionary design provides a sleek, compact heater profile, while improving heater performance,
reducing energy consumption, and improving comfort.


  • Faster heating of the room than a conventional baseboard due to rapid vertical laminar air flow, directing heat to the ceiling, speeding dispersal of warm air into the center of the room. This reduces heat loss through the outside wall up to 10 percent, providing energy savings to the end user.

  • Improved performance and reduced length through use of top heat discharge and new fin design

  • Superior shark-fin blade design on a steel tubular element for improved heat transfer and longer life. Large, triangular fin disperses heated air more effectively into the center of the room

  • Discreet styling, reduced length and added versatility of placement provide more options when designing a room

  • May be used with wall or top mounted built-in thermostat (not included)

  • Full length automatic overheat reset for safety

  • CSA Certified (cCSAus)

  • Air Velocity: Top discharge for up to 40% faster airflow

  • Energy Savings: Up to 10% reduced heat loss by channeling air through a narrower path


  • All residential applications, commercial offices, lobbies, washrooms


  • Finish: Specially-formulated epoxy / polyester powder coating is environmentally friendly and resists fading and abrasion.

  • Construction: Robust, 20 gauge steel construction.

  • Heating Element: A nickel chromium element is totally enclosed within a steel sheath, providing superior life expectancy and resistance to rust. Shark-fin shaped aluminum fins are firmly staked in an upright position to provide directional wicking for top discharge heat transfer.

  • Installation: Easily removed front caps, knock-outs on both sides of the convector, and pre-stamped mounting holes make installation easy.

  • Warranty: Ten year element warranty and one year warranty on complete unit.

Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
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BLLVD Low Voltage Relay less Trans. Kit
Dimplex Electromode Low voltage relay less transformer kit - 22/17 Amps - 120-240/347 Volt
Dimplex Electromode
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DIMPLEX781052008137_s.* does not exist
BLLVC51 Low Volt Relay & Trans. Kit 347V
Dimplex Electromode Low voltage relay and transformer kit - 17 Amps - 347 Volt
Dimplex Electromode
DTK-DP Double Pole Thermostat
Dimplex Electromode Double pole build-in thermostat kit - Includes both White and Almond control knobs - 17/11 Amps - 120-240/347 Volts - For use Electric Baseboard Heater
Dimplex Electromode
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DIMPLEX781052032521_s.* does not exist
DTKT-DP tamperproof thermostat kit
Dimplex Electromode Double pole build-in tamperproof thermostat kit - 25/11 Amps - 120-240/347 Volt - For use with Electric Baseboard Heater
Dimplex Electromode