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The major benefit of infrared heating is its ability to transfer heat to a person or object without heating the surrounding air. The OKB is commonly used for indoor spot heating applications where a great amount of heat is not required and where the mounting height is relatively low. Example installations would include churches, garages, and indoor pools.

The OKH is excellent for indoor and outdoor areas where increased density. For example: racetracks and other outdoor stadiums, parking garage ramps, aircraft hangars and high bay industrial buildings.

* Radiant Heat
* Incoloy Element
* Extruded Aluminum Housing
* Mounting Hooks (OKH only)
* 60° Spread
* Indoor or Outdoor

OKB Features:
* Anodized Reflector
* Tilting Swivel Bracket
* Set Screw Adjustment
* Eyebolts for Chain Mounting
* Use 90°C Wire

OKH Features:
* Hairpin Incoloy Sheathed Element
* Moisture Resistant Housing
* Sliding Mounting Pads

Element: Shall be of Ni-Chrome wire embedded in MgO with an Incoloy metal sheath.

Junction Box: Will be extruded aluminum and provide with heater O-Ring seals which may be used to seal off Junction Box from moisture and are included on OKH units. Units over 3000 Watts shall have single or dual Incoloy elements and shall swivel to direct radiant pattern to best meet the needs of application.

Mounting: Shall be provided by means of 2 eye hooks per heater.

King Electric Catalog Page
Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
OKB593C6-480V King Electric Radiant Htr
King Electric Radiant Heater - OK Series - 480 Volt 3000 Watt - Extruded Aluminum Housing - 60 Deg Radiant Pattern - Eyebolts For Chain Mounting
King Electric
OKB595E6-480V King Electric Radiant Htr
King Electric Radiant Heater - OK Series - 480 Volt 5000 Watt - Extruded Aluminum Housing - 60 Deg Radiant Pattern - Eyebolts For Chain Mounting
King Electric