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You searched for: Nuheat 9mm Electric Plug-In Self-Regulating Pipe Freeze Protection Heating Cables. 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100 foot lengths
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Nuheat Plug-In Self-Regulating Pipe Freeze Protection Heating Cables



Nuheat plug-in self-regulating heating cables are designed for residential and commercial pipe freeze protection applications.
Suitable for metal or plastic pipes, the heating cables are available in 120V and can accommodate pipes up to 6 inches in diameter (pipes larger than 2 inch diameter require the use of a minimum of 1 inch fiberglass insulation).
Factory assembled with a standard three-prong plug, each cable can simply connect to any grounded 120V receptacle. Installation is easy as the cable's self-regulating feature allows the heating cable to be overlapped across itself without risk of overheating and/or burnout.



  • 120VAC, 8 Watts/Ft (@ 50°F)

  • Simple Plug-In Feature Allows For Easy Installation

  • Cable Can Overlap Across Itself Without Risk of Overheating and/or Burnout For Easy Installation Around Pipes and Pipe Components

  • Can Accommodate Pipes up to 6 Inches in Diameter (Pipes Larger Than 2 Inch Diameter Require The Use of a minimum of 1 Inch Fiberglass Insulation).

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Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
AT-1 Aluminum Foil Pipe Tape
Chromalox Installation Tape Roll with Pressure-Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive Backing - 2 1/2 Inch Wide x 180 Ft Long - 200F Rating - 2 mil. Thickness - Minimum Application Temperature is 40F
SM431 3/4in Fiberglass Cloth Tape Roll
3/4 Inch Wide x 108 Ft with thermosetting silicone adhesive - 150 lbs/in width Tensile - 25 oz/in width Adhesion - 7.5 mils Thickness - 8 Percent Min. Elongation - 5.0 mils Backing - White Color - Will not shrink or break - Withstands temperatures to 500F
Mor Electric
16503 Standard 3-inch Wide Fiberglass
Wrap-On Co., Inc. fiberglass insulation for insulating heat tapes or hot or cold pipes. Stops cold water pipes from sweating, prevents heat loss from hot water pipes. Vapor seal material included. 1/2 inch x 3 inch x 35 feet. R= 1.9.
Wrap-On Company, Inc.