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You searched for: Roof Clips & Downspout Hangers for Roof & Gutter Deicing
Results Displayed: 1 - 23 of 23
Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
RDK-1 Downspout Hanger Kit
Chromalox Clamp, Hanger & Split Grommet for SRF-RG Heat Trace Cable used to suspend & prevent damage to Roof & Gutter Heating Cable as it enters gutter downspout - UL Listed, CSA, FM
RCK-1 Roof Cable Clips (Pack of 10)
Chromalox Roof Clip Kit for Heat Trace securely attaches SRF-RG & TW-Melt Heating Cable to most types of roof surfaces - UL, CSA, FM - kit contains 10 clips (5 double clips), which is enough for approximately 7 linear feet of roof edge
088L0024 RX Roof Clip Type A 25pc. Bag
Roof Clip Type A for Danfoss RX Kits
Danfoss Inc.
Downspout Edge Protection Plate 1 pc.Bag
Danfoss Downspout Edge Protection Plate
Danfoss Inc.
088L3003 RX Roof Clips Type B 20 pc. Bag
RX Roof Clips Type B
Danfoss Inc.
088L3004 RX Spacer Clips 10pc Bag
Danfoss RX Kit Spacer Clips - 10pcs/bag
Danfoss Inc.
088L3005 RX Shingle Clips 25pc Bag
Danfoss RX Kit Shingle Clips - 25pcs/bag
Danfoss Inc.
CSK-12 19 Roof Clips 16 Spacers
Combination package of 19 Extra Roof Cable Clips & 16 Extra Roof Cable Spacers for EasyHeat ADKS Roof and Gutter De-Icing Heat Trace Cable
Easy Heat
DSH Downspout Hanger Kit
Easy Heat Downspout Hanger Kit. Used to support heating cable where it enters and exits a downspout. Each kit contains two hangers.
Easy Heat
ZH-C Roof Clips 50pcs or Spacers 25pcs
Easy Heat Roof Clips and Spacers. Used to attach heating cable to roof and also to maintain cable spacing in gutters and downspouts. Each kit has components for 50 roof clips or 25 cable spacers.
Easy Heat
SRK13 SR/SRP Cable Roof Clips 25 Pack
King Electric Roof & Gutter Heating Cable Deicing Clips
King Electrical Mfg Company
SRK15 SR/SRP Cable Downspout Hanger
King Electric Roof & Gutter Heating Cable Deicing Gutter Downspout Hangers
King Electrical Mfg Company
RM115BK 10 Blk Magnetic Cable Tie Mount
Rack-A-Tiers Mag Daddy Magnetic Fasteners for Roof Clips - Bag of 10 - Used to attach heating cable to steel metal roofs - Holds Standard Sized Zip Ties (Not Included) - Moveable & Rotate 360 degrees - Easy Installation - 15 lb Rating
SB-1800 Everflex Bondoprene 24Hour Cure
10.3 Fl oz Tube Clear Surebond. For adhering plastic or metal roof clips to metal roofs only. Not for shingles (Asphalt). Application temperature of -20F to 140F. Cure time 24 Hours - 360PSI Tensile Strength - 40-60 Minute Tack Free Time
Surebond, Inc.
SB-190 Everseal Adhesive Sealant 28 Days
10.3 Fl oz Tube Translucent Surebond. For adhering roof clips to metal roofs. Minimum application temperature of 50F. Cure time 28 days - 2000PSI Tensile Strength - 18-24 Hour Tack Free Time
Surebond, Inc.
SB-188 Surebond -20F Silicone 24Hr Cure
10.3 Fl oz Tube Clear Surebond Silicone Sealant. For adhering plastic or metal roof clips to asphalt, wood, metal and EPDM rubber roofs. Application temperature of -20F to 122F. Cure time 24 Hours - 325PSI Tensile Strength - 10-20 Minute Tack Free Time
Surebond, Inc.
SB-12 Surebond Metalbond 10F 24Hr Cure
10.3 Fl oz Tube Aluminum Gray Surebond Sealant. For adhering plastic or metal roof clips to wood or metal (Steel, Aluminum or Galvanized) roofs. Application temperature above 10F - Cure time 24 Hours - 1200PSI Tensile Strength
Surebond, Inc.
RGRC 50 Roof Clips for Heating Cable
Aluminum Clips for Nuheat Roof & Gutter De-icing Cable (50 Pieces) - Used to attach heating cable to shingle or metal roofs. Secured to roofs using adhesives, nails, or screws.
Nuheat Industries Limited
RGDH Downspout Hangers
for Nuheat Roof & Gutter De-icing Cable - Used to protect cables from going over sharp edges within gutter and downspout systems - Can also be used as spacers inside large gutters
Nuheat Industries Limited
WJ20SR13 Roof Clips (10 pk)
Power Tech Roof Clips (10 pack) for Cable Mounting and Spacing of Power Tech Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Heat Cable
PLSR14 Roof Clips - 50 per bag
Proline Self-Regulating Roof Heating Cable Attachment Clips
PLSR14IR Insulated Roof Clips - 50/bag
Proline Insulated Self-Regulating Roof Heating Cable Attachment Clips
14500 15 Shingle Clips 8 Cable Spacers
Wrap-On Co., Inc. Roof Shingle Clips and Downspout Cable Spacers. Combination package of 15 Extra Clips & 8 Extra Spacers for Roof and Gutter De-Icing Heat Trace Cable