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You searched for: SureBond SB-1800 Everflex Bondaprene Adhesive used to adhere plastic or metal roof clips to metal roofs
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Surebond SB-1800 Everflex Bondaprene



Surebond SB-1800 Everflex Bondaprene is used to adhere plastic or metal roof clips to METAL ROOFS ONLY. This product is NOT designed to be used with asphalt shingles. A tube of Surebond is estimated to be enough to adhere 20 RCK or ZH-C roof clips.


Application and Cleaning

Interface and surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, oil, frost, moisture and water proofing and release agents. All painting should be done before application. Cut cartridge nozzle for 3/8" hole and puncture inner seal, apply bead size as desired. Always apply uniform bead and tool immediately after application to ensure full contact with both sides of the joint area. Squeeze out should not occur on most overlap seals applied properly. Sealant starts to skin over in five to ten minutes and dries to the touch within an hour.


Shelf Life:

12 months


Unopened containers should be stored for up to nine months at 60ºF to 70ºF, 50% R.H. in a cool, dry area.


10.3 oz. cartridge





For industrial use only. Skin and eye irritant. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with or breathing in of vapor and use adequate ventilation. Material on skin should be wiped and washed off with soap and water. For eyes, flush with water and seek medical attention. SEE MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET, a link is provided below.



  • Spot-Weldable

  • Fast Cure

  • Non-Flammable

  • Wide Application Temperature

  • No Shrinkage

  • Non-Sag

  • Non-Staining

  • One Part



  • Protects Welds From Corrosion

  • Minimizes Dirt and Dust Pick Up, Expedited Production

  • Product Maintains Integrity and Flexibility in Service Temperature Range

  • Can be Applied From -20ºF to Over 140ºF

  • Reduces Product Need by 50%

  • Allows For Panel and Overhead Applications

  • Will Not Discolor Materials

  • Easy Application



  • Tack Time 40-60 Minutes TT-S-00230C Test Method

  • Cure Time 24 Hours Using 1/8" Bead

  • Tensile Strength 360 PSI ASTM-D412 Test Method

  • Service Temperature, Cured -80ºF to +480ºF TT-S-00230C Test Method

  • Elongation 450% fully cured ASTM-D412 Test Method

  • Staining None TT-S-00230C Test Method

  • Hardness, Shore A 28 TT-S-00230C Test Method

  • All Values Are Typical at 75ºF, 50% R.H. Unless Otherwise Noted

  • Federal Specifications TT-S-00230C Used When Applicable

Link to Product Information Page on
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Our blog on Roof and Gutter Heating Cable
Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
SB-1800 Everflex Bondoprene 24Hour Cure
10.3 Fl oz Tube Clear Surebond. For adhering plastic or metal roof clips to metal roofs only. Not for shingles (Asphalt). Application temperature of -20F to 140F. Cure time 24 Hours - 360PSI Tensile Strength - 40-60 Minute Tack Free Time
Surebond, Inc.
SB-188 Surebond -20F Silicone 24Hr Cure
10.3 Fl oz Tube Clear Surebond Silicone Sealant. For adhering plastic or metal roof clips to asphalt, wood, metal and EPDM rubber roofs. Application temperature of -20F to 122F. Cure time 24 Hours - 325PSI Tensile Strength - 10-20 Minute Tack Free Time
Surebond, Inc.