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Unifrax Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Durablanket S Insulation



Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber insulation manufactured by the Unifrax Corporation, from alumina-silica materials, offers outstanding thermal and physical characteristics. Exhibiting low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability, low heat storage, resistance to thermal shock, excellent corrosion resistance and is easy to fabricate and install.

The 1" thick ceramic fiber insulation blanket is recommended for use in high temperature heating applications. It is a needled blanket that has exceptional handling strength while being flexible and lightweight. It is made from spun ceramic fibers and is rated to 2300°F (1260°C). Available in your choice of square foot sizes (please order in 4 square foot increments - example: 1' x 4') and also available as a 100 square foot boxed roll (48" x 25').



  • Color: White

  • Soft Point: 3200°F (1760°C)

  • Density: 4 lb./ft3 (64 kg/m3)

  • Specific Gravity: 2.73 g/cm3

  • Composition: (Al2O3: 40%, SiO2: 52%, ZrO2: 5%, Fe2O3: 0.6%, TiO2: 1.5%, Alkali: 0.05%, Leachable Chlorides: <10 ppm, Other Inorganics: 0.85%)


Typical Applications

  • Infrared panels and ovens

  • Furnace, kiln, reformer and boiler linings

  • Investment casting mold wrappings

  • High temperature gasketing

  • Atmosphere furnace linings

  • Expansion joint seals

  • Flexible high temperature pipe insulation

  • Furnace insulation, seals and repairs

  • Removable insulating blankets for field stress relieving welds

  • Reusable insulation for steam and gas turbines

  • Pressure and cryogenic vessel fire protection

  • High temperature kiln and furnace insulation

  • Furnace door linings and seals

  • Soaking pit seals

  • Furnace repairs

  • Thermal reactor insulation

  • Primary reformer header insulation

  • Glass furnace crown insulation

  • Incineration equipment and stack linings

  • Annealing cover seals

  • High temperature filtration

  • Nuclear insulation applications

  • Field steam generator lining

Product Information Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
Durablanket S 24in Insulation full roll
1 Inch Thick - 24 Inch Wide Ceramic Fiber Insulation - box of Durablanket S Insulation - Small Roll (50 square foot Boxed roll (24 Inches Wide x 25 Feet Long)) 4#
Mor Electric
Durablanket 4# S Insulation by Sq. Ft.
1 Inch Thick - 48 Inch Wide Ceramic Fiber Insulation cut from box of Durablanket S full roll (100 square foot boxed roll (48 Inch x 25 ft)) 4# - ** Please Note That All Cut Insulation Sales Are Final - No Returns Are Allowed **
Mor Electric