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You searched for: Dalton Diffusion Pump Heaters. Diff-Therm Platen Heaters for Vacuum Diffusion Pumps
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Dalton Diffusion Pump Heaters. Diff-Therm Platen Heaters for Vacuum Diffusion Pumps

Direct Replacement Heaters for Every Major Brand of Vacuum Diffusion Pump:
  • Cooke

  • CVC

  • Denton

  • Edwards

  • Leybold

  • NRC

  • Perkin Elmer

  • Torr

  • Varian

  • Veeco

Diff-Therm Platen Heaters are high-quality tubular heating elements swaged under 50 tons of pressure into grey iron castings. For 25 years, Diff-Therm heaters have set the standard for long-life, evenly distributed process heating and efficient power generation.

Complete Range of Pump Heater Shapes and Sizes:
  • Over 100 combinations of electrical ratings and casting sizes from 2" to 48".

  • Sizes, shapes and bolt patterns designed to fit OEM pumps.

  • Custom castings and electrical ratings available

  • for obsolete or foreign-made pumps.

  • Effective replacement for cast-in heaters, tubular /crush plate heaters, and pancake-style heaters.

Outperform Original Equipment Heaters. Unique swaged assembly provides increased dielectric density for better heat transfer and longer heater life. Diff-Therm Platen Heaters outperform OEM heaters with better heat transfer and longer heater life.

  • "Full Power" heaters that produce 20% more heat than OEM heaters.

  • Flat, smooth platen surface assures uniform, efficient heat transfer.

  • Increases pump throughput and higher vacuum system processing rates.

One-Piece Assembly Simplifies Installation
  • Simpler and faster to install than conventional tubular/ crush plate systems

  • Proper alignment never a problem

Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
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1821-6D 208V 1.6KW Diff Pump Heater
1821-6D 208V 1.6KW Diff Pump Heater
6" Diamete
Dalton Electric Heating Co
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2021-7DT Diffusion Pump Htr
1950W 208V (for R620 Pump) 6" Size Heater
Dalton Electric Heating Co
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2248-6D Diffusion Pump Heater VHS-6
2200W 480V
Dalton Electric Heating Co
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4346-12 / 3RI Diffusion Pump Heater 460V
4346-12 / 3RI 460V 4310W Heater Assembly (Inner Ring) for PMC20C 20" CVC Pump

Dalton Electric Heating Co
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6746-17 / 7RI Diffusion Pump Heater 460V
6746-17 / 7RI 460V 6690 Heater Assembly (Outer Ring) For PMC20C 20" CVC Pump

Dalton Electric Heating Co
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4/2D 200V 500W Diffusion Pump HeaterDalton Electric Heating Co
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DALTON10278_t.* does not exist
2224-6D 240V 2200W Diff. Pump HeaterDalton Electric Heating Co
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DALTON10289_t.* does not exist
2048-10R Diffusion Pump Heater 480V
480V 2000W
Dalton Electric Heating Co
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DALTON10323_t.* does not exist
5046-10/9D Heater Plate Diff Pump
5000W 460V
Dalton Electric Heating Co
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/DALTON10330_t.* does not exist
4448-12D Dalton Diffusion Pump Heater
480V 4400W VHS-10 VHS-400
Dalton Electric Heating Co
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2024-9/5R 2000 240 volt
CUSTOM 2024-9/5R RR2000W 240V C
Diff-therm® Diffusion Pump Heater Part No. 2024-9/5R, 2000 watts, 240 volts
Dalton Electric Heating Co
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2248-6D Diffusion Pump Heater 480VDalton Electric Heating Co