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Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heating Elements

• 96% infrared energy efficient.
• Maximum temperature of 1292ºF (700ºC.)
• Heating wire embedded into flat or concave shaped heater creates infrared in either focused or parallel rays.
• 12 month warranty against burnout. (Estimated life in excess of 10,000 operational hours.)
• UL listed. (UL-USA and UL-Canada) (up to 240 Volt only)
• In compliance with all implemented EU requirements.
• Watt densities vary from 6.45 w/in2 to 38.71 w/in2 (1 w/cm2 to 6 w/cm2.)
• Bulk packaging available for large orders.
• Ceramic tubes over power lead wire within mounting tower increases the dielectric strength between the lead wire and mounting clip preventing a potential fault to ground.
• One single piece mounting clip is supplied with each heater ordered (a two piece clip is also available).
• Pin terminals are standard.
• Ring terminals optional.
• Spade terminals optional.

Color changing decal

All of our heaters also have a heat sensitive (color changing) decal on the front of the heater that gradually changes from red to black as the heater increases in temperature, and it returns to red when cool. Our ceramic heaters are available in standard white or a yellow temperature-sensitive glaze which changes color when energized. The yellow glaze will start to turn to a butterscotch/brown color at approximately 200°F (93°C). The temperature change occurs between 200-500°F (93-242°C.) We provide these elements with our color changing decal as well which changes from red to black (transition temperature is approximately 400°F (205°C).

Reflectors and Panels:

Ceramic heaters are placed in a variety of reflectors to be used individually or as multiples in panels.
• CRP (Ceramic Radiant Panel) 12" x 12" Modular
• ALEX Aluminum Extrusion Reflectors with Outer Housing Case


• Replaceable (Type J or K) spring-loaded interchangeable thermocouple. Requires optional thermowell bore.
• FRK, cast-in "fast-response" (Type K) thermocouple


Almost anywhere a non-contact heat source is needed, including heating, curing, cooking, and drying. Though ceramic, the elements are fairly rugged and are more durable than quartz, and cleaning is easy, with their splash-proof, non-corrosive, glazed finish, which also makes them the ideal choice for use in food handling, medical facilities, or other antiseptic applications. The large variety of sizes, shapes, and watt densities allows ceramic elements to be highly useful in zoning arrangements such as plastic thermoforming where complex heating patterns are needed.

For best results, the surface temperature of the Salamander ceramic infrared heater should be controlled using an open-loop (percentage timer) or a closed-loop (thermocouple feedback with digital temperature control) system. The infrared emission intensity is directly related to the surface temperature of the ceramic body.

Private Labeling

Private labeling of decals with the customers logo or name and part number in either black or our red temperature indicating ink, is available. The customer must be willing to purchase large quantities of decals (at least one 11" x 17" sheet is the minimum order.) One sheet contains approximately 580 decals of 8 pt. Arial Bold font. Larger fonts will have less decals per sheet. You may also provide your own camera ready artwork in .eps, .pdf, .bmp, .tif, or other formats. A 1.5" x .5" logo will be approximately 112 decals per sheet. The maximum size is about 1.5".

LTE (Large Trough Emitter)

• 11.5" x 3.63"
• For special applications and also used in the CRP panel.

LTE Elements - More for Less
There are advantages from using extra large ceramic elements, which are manufactured by only a few ceramic heater makers. Ceramic heater manufacturers worldwide have standardized on the regular sized emitters in order for the variety of finished products to be able to be used interchangeably. Since the product originated in Europe, the standard size element was made to metric measurement which often times creates problems in adapting to American machines. The engineers at Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc. designed the LTE element and Ceramic Radiant Panel (CRP) to get maximum watt density in a square foot area with a "building block" design for panel construction or single use. Panel makers are now discovering that using LTE elements in large panels enable them to cover a specific area with less elements. Less elements means less handling, less electrical connections, fewer elements to zone and lower maintenance. Because LTE elements cost more than the standard size, actual savings from using large trough emitters is experienced through time and labor saved. The other advantages come from improved watt density, because larger elements, placed closer together, leave fewer gaps.

LTE mounting
• The larger LTE element has two mounting posts.

Example Catalog #

This designates: LTE Size - 650 Watt - 240 Volt - No thermocouple or Thermowell - 6" Leads - White Glaze - Standard Pin Terminals

Example Catalog #

This designates: LTE Size - 1000 Watt - 277 Volt - FRK thermocouple - 8" Leads - Yellow Glaze - Ring terminals

Ceramic Heater Mounting

Our custom designed single piece clip allows for easy mounting and a reduction in the parts required for assembly. Mount heaters in a 20 to 24 gauge [.036" (.9mm) to .025" (.6mm)] aluminized steel or stainless steel reflector. The single piece "clip(s)" secures the heater to the reflector as shown in the drawing below. The original two piece clip is still available upon request, and must be used for reflectors thicker than 20 Gauge [.036" (.9mm)]

The ceramic heaters back side mounting post is inserted through a pre-cut hole in a reflector. For best results the reflector should be highly reflective (polished aluminized steel) and capable of withstanding high temperatures. The two piece clip must be used for reflectors thicker than 20 Gauge [.036" (.9mm)]

Optional replaceable thermocouple can be attached on the mounting post which has a channel near the top where the mounting clip will secure the ceramic heater to the reflector.

Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
LTE-1000-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 1000W
Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heating Element - LTE (Large Trough "Curved" Emitter) - 11.5 Inches Long x 3.63 Inches Wide
Infrared Internationale Of Na
LTE-750-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 750W
Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heating Element - LTE (Large Trough "Curved" Emitter) - 11.5 Inches Long x 3.63 Inches Wide
Infrared Internationale Of Na