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Digital Variable Control
Adjust up to 6kW heater output to desired level
Offers energy savings for Infrared Heaters
Temperature Monitoring
Built in user settable temperature sensor
Soft Start Technology
Engineered feature extends emitter life by up to 30%
Water Resistant Enclosure
For Outdoor or Indoor Applications
Wireless Handheld Remote (Optional)
Occupancy Monitoring (Optional)

Solaira SMaRT 60 Variable Controller is part of a family of water-resistant Solaira SMaRT controllers designed to provide energy savings when used with infrared heaters or other heating and lighting products. The Solaira SMaRT 60 Variable Controller has a 1 to 10 step setting allowing you to find the optimum comfort setting in you specific area. With energy saving a major factor in the design, the feature rich Solaira SMaRT 60 can automatically manage the heating system.

The microcontroller-based unit incorporates zero-voltage switching and a soft-start function to eliminate the heaters initial high inrush current, potentially increasing heater emitter life by as much as 30%. Installation of the unit is simple and once installed our solid-state controller is relatively maintenance-free.

Temperature Monitoring
The controller has a built in temperature sensor that monitors the temperature and inhibits the heaters when the temperature exceeds a pre-determined set point of between 41°F (5°C) to 77°F (25°C). The controller can also be fitted with an optional remote location temperature sensor if the controller is in a different area then the heater location.

Occupancy Monitoring (optional)
If you want to have the heaters turn on and off automatically based on people in the space, the controller can also be fitted with an optional remote Occupancy Monitor. When the controller is equipped with the optional Occupancy Monitor, the heaters are switched on for a user-settable time period of between 5 and 60 minutes.

Remote Controlled (optional)
An optional remote control allows for the ultimate convenience.

Why Invest in Quality Solaira SMaRT Controls…..

The thought of the heaters being left on is a constant concern for business operators and home owners alike regardless of your installation. The Solaira SMaRT Series Controller was designed to minimize this concern and ensure your guests are kept warm and not the furniture when no one is there. With maximizing comfort and minimizing energy consumption, the Solaira SMaRT 60 Variable Controller allows you to concentrate on your business and entertaining and not on whether the heaters are still switched on?

The Solaira SMaRT 60 Variable Controller has been engineered to allow the user to vary the output of the heaters for the ideal comfort level. With the temperature monitoring feature and the addition of an optional remote control or occupancy monitor, the user can manage a comfortable environment and ensure energy is not wasted while money is being saved.

Installation Manual for Solaira SMaRT 60 Variable Control
Installation Manual for Solaira SMaRT 16 Variable Control
Installation Manual for Solaira SMaRT 30 Variable Control
Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
SMaRT16-DV 120/208-240V 16A Var. Control
Solaira SMaRT Digital Dual Voltage Variable Control - 120/208-240 Volts - 3.2KW @ 208-240V or 1.6kW @110/120V Max Load - 16 Amps Maximum - cETL Certified - For Outdoor/Indoor Applications - 1 to 10 Step Heat Setting
SMaRT34-DV 120/208-240V 34A Var. Control
Solaira SMaRT 34A Digital Dual Voltage Variable Control - 8kW @ 208-240 Volts or 4kW @ 110/120V Max Load - 34 Amps Maximum - cETL Certified - For Outdoor or Indoor Applications (Water Resistant Enclosure) - 1 to 10 Step Heat Setting
SMRTOCC60 Occupancy Control 6.0kW
Solaira SMaRT Water Proof Occupancy (Motion) Control, up to 6.0kW 25A - 208-240V - 4.0kW 16.6 A 1-60 Minute - 41F (5C) to 77F (25C) - Inforesight Consumer Products
SMRTTIM40 Timer Control to 4.0kW 16.6 Am
Solaira SMaRT Water Proof 60 Minute Timer Control, up to 4.0kW 16.6A, 208-240V - 2 X 1.5 kW,208/240 or 2 X 2.0 kW,208/240 or 1 X 3.0 or 4.0kW, 208/240 - Inforesight Consumer Products
SMRTTIM60 Timer Control to 6.0kW 25A
Solaira SMaRT Water Proof 60 Minute Timer Control, up to 6.0kW 25A, 208-240V - 4 X 1.5 kW,208/240 or 4 X 2.0 kW,208/240 or 2 X 3.0 kW, 208/240 or 1 X 6.0 kW, 208/240 - Inforesight Consumer Products
SMRTVOCC Occupancy Sensor
Solaira SMaRT Remote Occupany (Motion) Sensor Option For SMRTV60240 SMaRT Digital Variable Control -12 Volt DC operating voltage - 90 degree adjustable up to 50 feet - Inforesight Consumer Products
SMRTVRMT SMaRT Remote Control
Solaira Remote Control For SMRTV SMaRT Digital Variable Control - 30 foot operating range - Inforesight Consumer Products
SMRTVTEM-R SMaRT Remote Temp Sensor
Solaira SMaRT Remote Temperature Monitor (for SMRTV60240) - Inforesight Consumer Products