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Embedded Snow Melting Step Mats
Snow Melting Mats
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Easy Heat
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 Snow Melting Mats (4)
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Combined with the intelligence of snow melting controls, Sno*Melter Stair Step Mats provide the ultimate in economical, worry free and reliable snow and ice removal on stair steps. Installed beneath the surface and appropriately controlled, these cables will heat the surface area above freezing, thereby melting any snow or ice. Pedestrians can then move securely on the protected stair step surface.

Where to use Sno*Melter Step Mats

* Custom, single family dwellings
* Condominiums, villas
* Hospitality pick-up/drop-off zones
* Passenger platforms for bus stations and train depots
* Loading docks
* EMS/ambulance entries for hospitals and firehouses

Operating costs for your area will depend upon the total hours of snowfall and upon the heating capacity you specify. Our recommended heat density of 50 watts (nominal) per square foot provides quick response time, especially when used with automatic control. In most cases, snow will melt at a rate that keeps up with average snowfall, minimizing accumulation of snow on the heated surface. In a heavy snowfall, when snow accumulates at a faster rate, extra heating time will be required for complete removal. Automatic control, set to allow additional running time after snowfall stops, ensures drying the step surface and minimizes icy spots. An electric snow melting stair step system is a practical, economical way of preventing the build-up of ice and snow.

Cost Effective Sheet
Installation Instructions
Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
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2M-2-3-0X8 240V 200W Step Mat
2 step - 3 foot x 8 inch tread - 200 watts 240 volts - standard 10 foot leads.
Easy Heat
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2M-2-6-0X8 240V 400W Step Snow Mat
EASYHEAT Sno-Melter Step Mats for stair (step) applications. 2 step, 6ft x 8" tread, 400 watts, 240 volts. Standard 10ft Cold Leads.
Easy Heat
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2M-8-3-0X8 208V 200W Step Mat
2 step, 3 Foot x 8 Inch tread, 200 watts, 208 volts, standard 10 Foot lead
Easy Heat
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2M-8-6-0X8 208V 400W Step Snow Mat
EASYHEAT Sno-Melter Step Mats for stair (step) applications. 2 step, 6' x 8" tread, 400 watts, 208 volts. Standard 10ft Cold Leads.
Easy Heat