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EASYHEAT GFST-1 120V Plug-In Power Connection Kit


Line Plug to Heating Cable, Plug Adapter Kit for Easy Heat SR trace 120 Volt Self-Regulating Roof and Gutter or Pipe Heat Trace Cable. The GFST-1 120 volt plug in power connection kit with ground fault circuit protection provides a convenient, integrated solution for Self Regulating cable connection for freeze protection installations of water pipes, refrigeration drain lines and roof / gutter applications.


  • Ground fault plug kit

  • Splice connection kit for connection to the SR series self regulating cable


  • Light power indication

  • Provides 30 Ma equipment ground fault protection as required by National electrical code 1993, section 426-53

  • UL Listed

Technical Data

  • Maximum Circuit Length: Refer to SRTrace literature (Either the Roof and Gutter Specification Sheet For Roof or the Pipe Heating Specification Sheet For Pipe)

  • Trip response time for ground fault - Less than 25 mS

  • Trip level - 30 mA

  • 120 Volts, 15 Amps Max.

  • Power on indication - Indicator Light

EasyHeat GFST-1 Product Data Sheet
Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
GFST-1 120V Plug-In Power Connection Kit
EASYHEAT Line Plug to Heating Cable. Plug Adapter Kit for SR Series self-regulating Cable with 30 Ma ground fault circuit protection. Includes SRSRG Splice Kit and SRES End Seal Kit. 15A
Easy Heat