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You searched for: EasyHeat SL-2G Plug-In Inline Thermostat. 6ft capillary bulb sensor. Control 1440 watts/12 amps. 4 ft 3-wire cord & plug
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EasyHeat SL-2G GFCI Thermostat Control



The EasyHeat SL-2G is equipped with a 6ft (1.8m) capillary bulb sensor to detect and control temperature changes in the soil. Adjustable temperature settings range from 34°-95°F (1°-35°C), controlling a duplex receptacle with 1440 watts/12 amps total capacity. Comes with 4 ft (1.2m) three-wire cord and plug. The SL-2G thermostat also controls heat lamps and portable electric heaters. Not for motors or capacitive loads.

Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
SL-2G 120V 1440W Thermostat/Receptacle
EasyHeat SL-2G Series Thermostat - Adjustable Range (36-77 Deg. F.) - Contains Duplex Receptacle (120 Volt - 1440 Watt/12 Amp Capacity) - 4 Foot Three Wire Cord and Plug - Not for Motors or Capacitive Loads
Easy Heat