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TPI Fostoria VHC-32 Variable Heat Controller



The Fostoria VHC-32 Variable Heat Controller is a solid-state power control designed to provide a convenient way to adjust heat output on electric infrared heating elements. The faceplate includes an ON/OFF switch that glows red when the controller is in use. It also includes the heat intensity control knob. Use the VHC-32 to control heaters on patios, in shelter houses or other protected outdoor environments. It is designed for use with 208 or 240 volt Fostoria Mul-T-Mount 3200 watt heaters. It can operate quartz lamps or quartz tubes up to a maximum of 3200 watts.



  • 208/240 VAC Single-Phase Single Stage Controller

  • Built-In On/Off Switch With Surface Plate Included

  • A Triac to Control Heat Settings From 10 to 100%

  • Designed For Wall Mounting in the Same Space a 4"x 4" Electrical Wall Box Would Mount. Accommodates Hardware For 1/2" Conduit

  • Will Control: One (1) or Two (2) Quartz Lamps Totaling Up to 3200W or One (1) or Two (2) Quartz Tubes Totaling Up to 3200W

  • Must Be Mounted in a Protected Area (Not For Unprotected Outdoor Use)



The initial current inrush of T3 quartz lamps is very high; as much as 10 - 15 times the steady state current. Operating the VHC-32 with more than two (2) 1600W quartz lamps may damage the control. This concern is not applicable to quartz tubes or other constant-resistance elements.

Faceplate may become warm to the touch during use. This is normal.

Not for residential use.

Installation Instructions
Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
VHC-32 208/240V Variable Heat Control
TPI Corp./Fostoria 208/240 Volt Controller operates 1 or 2 quartz lamps or 1 or 2 quartz tube heaters up to a maximum of 3200 watts from from 10 to 100% - 15.4 Amps - Built-In On/Off Switch - Catalog #: 04853502
Tpi Corporation