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You searched for: Honeywell EConnect RedLINK wireless thermostat control system for electric heat baseboards, convectors or fan-forced heaters.
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Honeywell EConnect RedLINK wireless thermostat comfort control system for electric heat baseboards, convectors or fan-forced heaters.

Two-piece design includes the thermostat and an equipment interface module (EIM) that communicate with each other using proven Honeywell RedLINK wireless technology.

The EConnect System takes electric heat control to a whole new level, with its advanced design, patented features, accessory add-ons and wireless installation. Optimal sensing and comfort. EConnect does it all.


  • RedLINK-enabled wireless thermostat for electric heat

  • Brings control from the floor to the wall for optimal sensing and comfort

  • EIM powered with existing wires at the heating device

  • Works with Portable Comfort Control

  • 5-Year warranty


  • Compatible with baseboards, convectors, and fan-forced heaters

  • One thermostat controls up to eight baseboards in a single room

Works Every Time: The RedLINK signal has been tested and proven to work through concrete, brick and other building materials in homes up to 10,000 square feet with multiple levels. It works every time in every home.

Zero Interference: RedLINK’s ability to “hop frequencies” means that the signal is secure. It won’t affect or be effected by other wireless devices in the home such as baby monitors and cordless phones — or with neighboring systems.

Trust: Backed by proven Honeywell technology, internal safeguards continuously self-check the signal — so it’s never lost. With the Honeywell complete line of RedLINK Wireless Comfort Systems and accessories you get complete control of your heating and cooling systems.

RedLINK Wireless Technology eliminates the need to run wires in many applications and enables homeowners to have advanced comfort control anywhere in the home. With wireless security systems installed in more than 100 million homes protecting people and property around the clock, Honeywell is a leader in wireless technology. Using this expertise and knowledge, Honeywell developed RedLINK™ - the first wireless technology engineered specifically for HVAC applications - now also available for the electrical industry through EConnect.

When it comes to electric heating, EConnect redefines the meaning of comfort. Today, most electric heat is controlled from a knob on the baseboard, or a built-in control on the heater, that is typically located near the floor – not the ideal control or sensing location for maintaining a comfortable home environment. And even though it is possible to add a wall control to electric heat systems, it often means having to open up and re-patch walls for wiring, which can add extra mess, time, and cost. Thanks to Honeywell’s RedLINK™ Wireless Technology and EConnect, those days are gone. Since EConnect is completely wireless, your electrician can install your thermostat wherever you want it in the room - improving comfort without requiring any renovation. A single EConnect thermostat can control all heaters in the room, for maximum convenience, energy efficiency, and comfort. And, as part of the EConnect Comfort System, RedLINKenabled accessories give you access to outdoor temperature information, and the freedom to control your comfort from any room in your home or anywhere in the world with our Total Connect remote access service.

Isn’t it time you connect with your comfort?
  • Wireless Installation – eliminates opening walls for system or control upgrades

  • Precise Temperature Control – on the wall where it belongs, for optimal sensing and comfort

  • Electronic Programmable Thermostat – enables energy savings of up to 33%

  • User-friendly, Plain-language Interface – easily adjust your comfort settings

  • Compatible Wireless Accessories – for added comfort and convenience

EConnect Pays For Itself
On average, heating costs make up 50% of your electricity bill.
EConnect Comfort Systems allow you to minimize the impact on your wallet. You can maximize your energy savings by installing an EConnect system in every room of your house, reducing your annual heating costs by up to 33% - or by $200 or more each year. That’s thousands of dollars over the life of the thermostat that costs just pennies a day to own and operate.
(If used as directed on programmable mode. Numbers based on average annual electricity costs of $1200 with 50% going to heating costs and up to 33% savings if used as directed. Savings amount to 10% when the EConnect is used in non-programmable mode.)

EConnect Comfort System Accessories
EConnect Comfort System has Honeywell RedLINK technology inside, giving you the power to control and monitor the comfort in your home from wherever you are with our Portable Comfort Control, our Wireless Outdoor Sensor, and our Total Connect Comfort Portal.

Comfort Control that Goes Where You Go
The Portable Comfort Control is the most convenient approach to managing comfort and energy within your home.
It gives you the freedom to adjust temperature from anywhere in your home.

One Control For Every Room
The Portable Comfort Control can also be used to control up to 16 EConnect thermostats, which means you can change the set temperature in any room of your house, from anywhere in your house. For example, while watching TV downstairs, use the Portable Comfort Control to warm up your bedroom upstairs before going to bed. You can even name each of your rooms on the Portable Comfort Control by having your contractor customize it with over 50 different naming options like upstairs, master bedroom, or office.

Information to Prepare for Your Day and Save More Energy
Ask your contractor to add our Wireless Outdoor Sensor to display the outdoor temperature on your EConnect thermostat and your Portable Comfort Control. You can then adjust your indoor settings based on the outdoor conditions to maximize energy usage and comfort. For instance, if it’s warmer outside than it is inside, you can drop down your set temperature to save energy rather than keeping the heating on.

Don’t just EConnect. Total Connect.
Total Connect™ Comfort Portal is a personalized portal and apps that gives you access to remotely monitor and manage your EConnect system – at anytime, from anywhere – through your PC, smart phone, or tablet device. vYou can count on Total Connect for a level of awareness and peace of mind that is unmatched, helping you stay connected to your home or business whether you’re across the street or across the world.
To learn more visit
(Free apps are available for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices at time of release. Check for more mobile applications coming soon.)

The RedLINK Connection to Comfort
At Honeywell we understand the full and enriched lives that our customers lead. And even when your day-to-day activities may seem to get a little hectic, sacrificing comfort – or control – isn’t an option. Honeywell’s RedLINK-enabled wireless systems and accessories help you achieve a higher level of control and stay connected to what matters most.
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Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
YTL9160AR1000 EConnect Thermostat kit
Honeywell Wireless Programmable/Non-programmable Line Volt Thermostat kit. RedLINK Enabled. Up to 12.5 A. Kit includes Wireless EConnect 7-Day/5-2 Programmable White Thermostat & Electrical Heat Equipment Interface Module. Antenna: White or Light Almond
TLM1110R1000 EConnect Interface Module
Honeywell RedLINK Enabled Electrical Heat Equipment Interface Module. For Baseboards, convectors and fan-forced heaters to add up to 12.5A of capacity to a Honewell EConnect Wireless Electrical Heat Thermostat Kit. Antenna: White or Light Almond.
REM5000R1001 Portable Comfort Control
Honeywell Control - Works with compatible RedLINK enabled thermostats & accessories. Use anywhere in the home to experience a new level of comfort & convenience. RedLINK Enabled. Works in both zoned & non-zoned applications. Controls up to 16 thermostats
C7089R1013 Wireless Outdoor Air Sensor
Honeywell Gray sensor for outdoor temperature & humidity to display on RedLINK enabled thermostats and accessories. Includes 2 AA Lithium batteries & mounting hardware