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You searched for: TPI Corp/Markel ET Series Line Voltage Thermostats & Controls
Results Displayed: 1 - 15 of 15

• Single pole and double pole

• Heat only, cool only, & heat or cool

• DP models include positive off

• Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scale

• Optional Thermometer

• 22 Amps, 277 Volts AC

Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
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ET5DS Double Pole Thermostat
TPI Corp./Markel 120-277, Double Pole Thermostat, 50F-90F Range, 22 Amp rated
Tpi Corporation
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ETD5STS heat/ cool stat
TPI Corp./Markel single pole double throw heat/cool with thermometer
Tpi Corporation
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ETD5SS SPDT Heat or Cool Thermostat
TPI Corp./Markel 120-277V 22 Amps
Tpi Corporation
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ETD5MS Heat 1 Stage Cool Thermostat
TPI Corp./Markel ET Series Line Voltage Thermostats - Double Throw - 2 Stage Heat - 1 Stage Cool - Line Volt. Thermostat
Tpi Corporation
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ET5SWS 22 Amp 120-277V Heat Only Tstat
TPI Corp./Markel ET Series Line Voltage Thermostats - Line Volt. Single Pole 22 Amp 120-277 Volt - Heat Only with Leads - Thermostat
Tpi Corporation
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ET5STS Line Voltage White Thermostat
TPI Corp./Markel - Single Pole, Heat only with Thermometer - 120-277V - Wall-Mounted - UL Listed - No Positive Off - 4.75h x 2.8w x 1.5d - 50 to 90F - 22 Max. Amp
Tpi Corporation
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ET5SRS Line Voltage Thermostat 22 Amps
TPI Corp./Markel - Cooling only - 120-277V - Fahrenheit & Celsius Temperature Scale - Shadow White Color
Tpi Corporation
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ET5S4S Line Volt 22 Amp 120-277V Tstat
TPI Corp./Markel ET Series Line Voltage Thermostats - Line Volt. Single Pole 22 Amp 120-277 Volt - 35-75 F Temp. Range Thermostat
Tpi Corporation
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ET5SS 22 Amp 120 to 277V Thermostat
TPI Corp./Markel Line Volt. Single Pole, Heat Only Thermostat
Tpi Corporation
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ET5MS Heat Only Thermostat Two Stage
TPI Corp./Markel 50-90F Temperature Range, 120-277Volt 22 amp max Rated
Tpi Corporation
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ET5DWS 22 Amp 120 to 277V Thermostat
TPI Corp./Markel ET Series Line Voltage Thermostats - Line Volt. Double Pole 22 Amp 120-277Volt - with Leads - Heat only Thermostat
Tpi Corporation
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ET5DTS DP 120-277V Tstat w/Thermometer
TPI Corp./Markel ET Series - Line Voltage
Tpi Corporation
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ET5D4S Double Pole 22 Amp 120 to 277V
TPI Corp./Markel 35-75 F Temp Range
Tpi Corporation
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AET5SWS SP T-Stat w/ Anticipator
TPI Corp./Markel Thermostat - Single Pole 22 Amp, 120-277V with leads, Anticipator
Tpi Corporation
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AET5DWS 22amp 120 to 277V Anticipator
TPI Corp./Markel Thermostat - Double Pole 22amp - 120-277 Volt - with leads - Anticipator
Tpi Corporation