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Salamander Ceramic Radiant Panel (CRP) 12x12 Assembly

Our CRP Panels are designed to use our LTE Size Ceramic Infrared Heaters which are 96% infrared energy efficient. These heavy duty, modular panels are pre-wired and assembled with 3 LTE emitters and insulated with ceramic fiber insulation.

• Stainless steel.
• The heaters can be easily replaced.
• Single zone or three zone available.
• Can be fitted with any wattage LTE emitter
• The elements are very close together virtually eliminating cold spots created when there are large distances [1"-2" (2.5cm - 5.1cm)] between emitters in a custom ceramic radiant panel.
• Please note, the CRP is for use in industrial process heating applications only (not to be used in residential or commercial heating applications).
• Each element is thermocouple adaptable for temperature control.

The panel size is 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm) for a modular building block design or as a stand alone unit and can be mounted on angle iron gridwork. When building a custom panel using CRP's, leave extra spacing between each CRP to allow for thermal expansion.

• The mounting bolts are positioned at 11" x 11" (279mm x 279mm.)
• Standard mounting via a 1/4-20x1.5 stud, 2 hex nuts, lock washer and 2 washers
• The outside 12" dimension has a tolerance of +/- 1/8"
• Many CRP panels can be mounted next to each other to make a larger panel.
• The beaded lead wires pass through 1" ceramic fiber insulation and are wired to TB-2 terminal blocks.
• High temperature MG-12 wire passes through the back panel and connects to a TB-3 terminal block (three phase panels) or a TB-2 terminal block (single phase panels)

The CRP Panel does not include 3 LTE size ceramic heaters - order separately below. They are customized to your application with your desired wattage (between 100W and 1800W each LTE) and voltage (between 120V and 480V.) Please type in the "Phone # / Notes" field whether to wire as a three phase or single phase panel.

Delivery time: typically ships in 3-5 days or less for orders of CRP's where we have the LTE heaters in stock.

The most common LTE heaters are listed below

Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
LTE-750-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 750W
Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heating Element - LTE (Large Trough "Curved" Emitter) - 11.5 Inches Long x 3.63 Inches Wide
Infrared Internationale Of Na
LTE-650-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 650W
Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heating Element - LTE (Large Trough "Curved" Emitter) - 11.5 Inches Long x 3.63 Inches Wide
Infrared Internationale Of Na
LTE-1000-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 1000W
Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heating Element - LTE (Large Trough "Curved" Emitter) - 11.5 Inches Long x 3.63 Inches Wide
Infrared Internationale Of Na
CRP-12x12 Complete Assembly Without Htrs
Salamander Ceramic Radiant Panel (CRP)
Infrared Internationale Of Na