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Payne Engineering 18TP Series Variable Voltage Power Control



120VAC or 240VAC portable or chassis mounted variable voltage power control. Phase angle control, using power TRIACs. Solid state replacement for variable transformers for process temperature control applications. Power semiconductors replace windings and brushes to control voltage output. Unit chassis is designed for portable use or 2-hole fixed mounting. Fuse protects semiconductor from short circuit damage; an r-c snubber network provides RC/Vbo protection; and the integral, isolated heatsink chassis allows continues operation in ambient temperature up to 50°C (122°F).



  • Control Electric Heating Elements (Small Constant Resistance Loads)

  • Replace Variable Transformers

  • Platen Heating Control

  • Cartridge Heater Control

  • Hot Runner Control


  • All Solid State Construction

  • Lighted On/Off Rocker Power Switch

  • 270° Turn Potentiometer Variable Control of RMS Output Voltage

  • 6 Foot 120 Volt Grounded Power Cord and 3-Prong Plug (NEMA-Standard)

  • On-Board "2 millisecond" Fuse Self-Protection

  • Lightweight Portable Design

  • Open Chassis Dimension: Height 4", Width 5.12", Depth 2.74"

  • Output Voltage: 0-95% of Input Voltage

  • Application: Constant Resistance Loads Only

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Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
18TP-1-15 Controller
Payne Engineering Portable 120 VAC, 15 amp fuse, 6 foot plug & cordset Variable Temperature Controller
Payne Controls Company
18TP-2-15 Variable Voltage Control
Payne Engineering 240 VAC Variable Voltage Control. Portable solid state power control. 15 amp fuse, 6 foot plug & cordset.
Payne Controls Company
49C25-15 FUSES
Payne Engineering Solid State Power Controls 49C25-15 FUSES
Payne Controls Company