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You searched for: Qmark Marley APT-2 Portable Plug-In Inline Thermostat. 10 amp thermostat (1200 watt maximum capacity) 110-120VAC. 5ft plug and cord set
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Qmark APT-2 Portable Inline 120V Thermostat



  • Sturdy 10 amp thermostat (1200 watt maximum capacity) 110-120VAC

  • Plug the heater into the thermostat receptacle on the front and plug the thermostat into any 110-120VAC outlet

  • Snap action switching, bimetal sensing

  • White case

  • 5ft plug and cord set

  • Velcro mounting tape included to hang the thermostat at the desired location


Control Range

The "Hi-Lo" range control knob on the front of the thermostat permits adjustment from (L) 40°F to (H) 100°F. The medium setting (M) (approximately 70°F) is halfway between the two extremes and is marked on the thermostat. Adjust the setting clockwise for higher temperature as required. Once the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat will control the heater to provide the right amount of heat.

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APT2 Portable Plug In Thermostat
Qmark/Marley Portable Plug In Thermostat - 120 Volt 10 Amp 1200 Watt Maximum Capacity - Snap Action Switching - Hi Low Control - White Plastic Case - 5 Ft White Cord