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You searched for: TPI Corp. Fostoria CH Series 240V Portable or Suspended Infrared Heater
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TPI Fostoria CH-6424-1C series portable or suspended quartz tube infrared heating assemblies. Can be mounted either on a two-wheel cart or suspended by chains.

- Work Stations
- Body Shops
- Greenhouses
- Warehouses
- Construction Sites

- 240 volt with four 1425 watt quartz tubes (quartz tubes included)
- Gold anodized reflector and end caps
- Safety wire guards
- 20 gauge steel housing
- FHK-1 Cart: Welded steel frame
- Two-stage switching
- 15' grounded cordset
- Molded plug: CH-6424-1C has a NEMA L6-30 twist-lock plug (240 volt)
- CH series heaters are UL listed for indoor and semi-protected outdoor areas, and also for overhead applications (without optional FHK-1 cart)

1. Suspension Mount: Heaters must be mounted a minimum of 24" from a vertical surface, 72" from the floor and direct radiation to combustibles, and 24" from the ceiling. This heater is NOT waterproof and must not be used in saunas, showers or other wet locations.

2. Cart Mount: Heaters must be a minimum of 3 feet from combustibles. This heater is NOT waterproof and must not be used in saunas, showers or other wet locations.

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Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
FHK-1 Optional Cart for CH Portable Htr
TPI Corp./Fostoria Welded steel frame Cart for Fostoria CH Portable Quartz Tube Assemblies (CH-2212-1C or CH-6424-1C) - 38"L x 18"W x 16"D - Catalog #: 08524002
Tpi Corporation
CH-6424-1C 240V 5700W Quartz Heater
TPI Corp. Fostoria CH Portable (with Optional FHK-1 Cart) or Suspended Quartz Tube Comfort Heater - 240 Volt 5700/2850 Watts (Toggle Switch) - Wire Guard - 15 Foot Cord & 30 Amp Plug (Nema #L6-30 Twist Lock) - Catalog #: 08841010
Tpi Corporation