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You searched for: Qmark 202SL Portable Electric Under Desk Heaters, 120 Volt, 170 Watt, 5ft long white plug and cord
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Qmark 202SL plug-in under desk portable heater. This 120 volt, slim, off-white panel is designed to fit out of the way standing on its own or mounted under a desk. The ideal, economical, and safe way to provide warmth for cold secretaries, bank tellers, receptionists, or anyone who sits at a desk, counter or table whether at work or at home!

- 120 Volt, 170 Watt
- Includes 5ft long white plug and cord
- Costs approximately two cents per hour to operate...based on your local electricity rate.
- Will not accentuate allergies because radiant heaters do not dry out the air or stir up dust.
- Surface temperature below 200 degrees Fahrenheit and no exposed glowing elements
- Safe comfortable radiant heat. Safe to the touch and includes an automatic tip-over switch.
- Helps eliminate constant changing central thermostats.
- Controlled with its own On/Off switch (with indicator light) or with an optional portable thermostat
- Indicator light and on/off switch mounted on the same side as the cord
- Unique crystalline surface for maximum Radiant output
- Attached L bracket enables the heater to stand alone
- Unit Ship Weight: 8 lbs
- Velcro tape provided for mounting
- UL Listed.

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Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
MC202SLR Master Carton (6 Pieces)
Qmark/Marley Radiant Plug-In Under Desk Panel Heaters - 120 Volt 170 Watts - Off-white Color - Indicator light and On/Off switch - 5 Foot White Cord with 3 Prong Plug - Attached Bracket For Stand Alone Mounting - Velcro Tape Provided for Mounting. 6 Piece
APT2 Portable Plug In Thermostat
Qmark/Marley Portable Plug In Thermostat - 120 Volt 10 Amp 1200 Watt Maximum Capacity - Snap Action Switching - Hi Low Control - White Plastic Case - 5 Ft White Cord
202SLB Radiant Under Desk Heater
Qmark/Marley Radiant Plug-In Under Desk Panel Heater- 120 Volt- 170 Watts- Off-white Color- Indicator light & On/Off switch- 5 Foot White Cord with 3 Prong Plug- Attached Bracket for Stand Alone Mounting- Velcro Tape Provided for Mounting
KT121 120 Volt Inline Thermostat
TPI Corp./Markel/Columbus Electric KT-121 In-line Thermostat, bimetal sensing element, SPST Heat, max. 13 Amps @ 125 VAC Res., Temperature range -10° to 100° F - 6 ft cord and plug included - Catalog #: 05341002
Tpi Corporation