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You searched for: MUH Series 208V 3Ph Unit Heaters
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Qmark type MUH unit heater. For use factories, warehouses, garages, stores, shipping rooms, power stations, and aircraft hangers. Can be used for primary, supplementary, spot, or dual-system heating.

- Totally versatile. Unit can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.
- Wide range of optional control kits are field installable, increasing the MUH adaptability to the specification market.
- Forced air unit heater with 10 power ratings; from 3KW to 50 KW heating output; 208, 240, 277 and 480V, 10,230 to 170,500 BTU/hr.
- 32 compatible models (no need to try to assemble a heating system from 70 or 80 models!)
- Heavy gauge die-formed steel housing. Two-toned, smartly styled
- Advanced pull-through air flow design draws air across heating element for more even air distribution and cooler element operation.
- Specially designed venturi outlet to meet that added throw as required in vertical position.
- Branch circuit fusing (when required). Completely enclosed fan motor.
- 1or 3-phase wiring on 5 through 10 KW 208/240V and 15 KW 208V units (field interchangeable)
- Aluminum-finned, copper clad steel sheath heating element has longer useful life, because of cooler sheath temperature and faster heat dissipation.
- 24V control transformer standard on most models providing a safer and more accurate means of temperature control. 3KW and 5KW, 208-277V, have line voltage controls as standard (24V control available on made-to-order basis).
- Automatic reset linear thermal cut-out, capillary type, provides protection over entire length of element areas (Manual reset protection available on made-to-order basis).
- 2 speed fan selector switch (25 to 50 KW models).
- Fan delay feature eliminates cold drafts. Element heats up before fan cuts in then fan continues to distribute heat after element shuts off.
- Ruggedly built, yet lighter weight for easier installation. No piping flues, valves, or traps.
- Individually adjustable discharge louvers to control air flow.
- Choice of optional diffusers for variety of air patterns, maximizing heat concentration and coverage in the vertical position.
- Meets all UL, NEC, and OSHA requirements.
- UL listed

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Item CodeDescriptionVendorQuantity
MUH208 Qmark Unit Heater
Qmark Type MUH Series Unit Heaters - 208 Volt 3 Phase 20KW - 1320 CFM - 48F Temp Rise - 41ft Air Throw - 24V Control Voltage
MUH308 Qmark Unit Heater
Qmark Type MUH Series Unit Heaters - 208 Volt 3 Phase 30KW - 2100/1800 CFM - 45/53F Temp Rise - 50ft Air Throw - 24V Control Voltage
MUH508 Qmark Unit Heater
Qmark Type MUH Series Unit Heaters - 208 Volt 3 Phase 50KW - 3000/2600 CFM - 53/61F Temp Rise - 60ft Air Throw - 24V Control Voltage